Veera 19th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 19th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

veera episode starts with bansuri tell to gunjan that veera send fake baba to stop ur brother wedding gunjan says she do this bcoz she still love baldev but did u know what simran did today she cheat me simran come there and serve tea she tell to bansuri that she win today some money in the game i dont want to play it but gunjan force me so first time i play poker and i win it u take this money gunjan tell to bansuri give me this money its mine
bansuri says no this is my money my daughter in law win it for me gunjan says please give me she trying to steal money but bansuri says u and ranvi didn’t spent a penny for ur veerji shadi let him come in marriage i will ask him gunjan says no bansuri u don’t ask anything from ranvi u take this money bansuri is happy

move to veera house
veera says i will see how baldev will marry rajveer come there rajveer ask why u call me so she say one day u tell me that u know some good places than veera think where must be baldev now may be on tea stall she say to rajveer lets go on tea stall
rajveer says ok veera sit on rajveer bike baldev comes to veera place he says now veera will see me from window and than she will come downstair and she will ask me to marry me but baldev is waiting and veera didn’t come so he think where is veera why she is not coming than he think may be sleeping than he think i will call gunjan and ask about her but than he think why should i if veera want to meet me than she will come why i am waiting for her than he goes from there rajveer and veera reach on tea stall but she didn’t find him there than she say
lets go some any another place rajveer ask her dont u want tea she say i don’t want tea rajveer says ok and he is going to start his bike but veera stop him and tell him u park ur bike here we will walk so she say lets walk together while walking on street veera found baldev jeep she think may be baldev is here may be somewhere near to this place so she say rajveer i am little tired lets sit here than she saw baldev and start laughing and she say rajveer u r so funny she is trying her best to jelous baldev
baldev comes there and ask veera why u r tying to frank with rajveer veera says whats ur problem rajveer says now u r going to marry simran so focus her don’t focus on us baldev and rajveer going to fight but rajveer phone rings and he goes from there baldev ask veera what u r doing what is this veera? ask if i will ask this same question? what u are doing? u are also going to marry some one else so if i am spending some time with rajveer so what is ur problem ? i don’t have any right to think about my self
both start arguing than she says i dont care about u baldev says if u dont care than why u send that fake pandit? baldev says what u all this doing its wrong he says u only want to disturb me u r doing this becaz ur want to disturb me baldev scold t veera now listen to me balder says now no one will stop this marriage now this marriage will happen he says u also come in my marriage and then he says our world is separated now he goes from there rajveer comes there and ask veera are u fine veera says yes i am fine

bansuri says 50.000 is too much i will give u 30.000 but that oldman says to decorate the full house thirty thousand is not enough she says i will not give u more than thirty thousand then she ask another person for horse rate he ask what u want horse and car also bansuri says what car and horse u mean both ? then she saw baldev she ask what happen why u r so upset baldev says nothing biji she ask ok forget it tell me what u want for ur marriage horse or car baldev is upset he says biji horse donkey car what ever u want bring it but plz finish this marriage soon and than he goes from there bansuri start laughing and she says to her friend see he is so excited for his marriage
bansuri says wait i will come back in a min than she goes from there and think may be veera has done something thats why baldev my son is so upset she says this is toomuch now i will complain to rattan i will call rattan and tell about this now so rattan will scold on veera she pick the phone to call to rattan scene move to jagi and billa they are talking how to stop baldev marriage and trying to solve misunderstanding between veera and baldev
rattan scold on veera and tell her that bansuri call me and she told me everything rattan ask to veera why u send fake pandit to bansuri house this is a such a childish behaviour what happen to u veera is upset she tell i don’t no biji i don’t understand what to do i don’t know how to live without him veera start crying rattan says stop crying tell me what happen veera says what u think i forget everything and i accept the truth but biji its not easy to forget it veera start crying and goes from there chai ji comes there and ask rattan what happen why veera is crying did u say anything rattan told her that bansuri call me and she told me that veera sent a fake pandit to baldev house to stop this marriage
she says chaiji our veera is really intelligent why did she do this i don’t no how to understand her she didn’t express her pain how can i understand her whats going in her mind rattan start crying chaiji says stop crying i will talk to veera
baldev come in his room and kick on the table his foot get wounded nihal comes there and ask him where is bandage nihal going to put bandage on baldev wound but baldev stop him and baldev apply bandage on his wound baldev ask nihal chachu when u come back to village nihal says just few days b4r but when i come back i listen that u r going to marry
nihal gives him a gift and says i bring two watches one for u and for veera i think give them both together but now u r separated than nihal says u r the one who trying to fix my marriage with rattan nihal ask why u do this balder says chachu bcoz veera told me nihal says for my marriage u fight from this world and now u can’t fight for ur love balder says this love is one sided she don’t love me nihal says who told u this baldev says i can see it nihal trying to explain him that veera loves u and this is the matter of love don’t make it ego problem otherwise u will lost her forever
veera in his room recalls baldev words and then she throw his gifted payal chai ji comes there and she picks that payal and give back o veera and she says what u think if u throw this u will forget all the memory related to this payal veera says chai ji i don’t no what to do i don’t no what i am doing and why i am doing this she start crying she hug chai ji than she says is there any way to come out from this pain and chai ji tell her i can understand that ur heart is broken bcoz of baldev marriage but i dint understand why u doing wrong things to stop his marriage why u send this fake pandit veera says chai ji i just want to give some time to baldev i just want him to think again on his decision chai ji says baldev is angry that why he take this desecion but veera what have u done screen freeze on veera episode ends here

precap veera in gurduwara and she says to lord i have to let him go i can’t stop him to marry some one else may be this is a sign of god i will free baldev from my love from my promises from my dreams

Update Credit to: Ohmyjerryworld

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