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The Episode starts with Veera happy as Ranvi is going to record his first song. She asks him till when will we be back. He says it 2pm. She thinks she will meet Baldev at 5pm. Chaiji and Ratan do his tilak and make him have curd. Ranvi prays to Sampooran’s pic. Ranvi leaves with Veera and Gunjan. Balwant sees Bansuri with a sick. He asks her what is she doing. She asks it’s a thief. He says it can be a rat. She says no. He says come with me, lets see. They open the kitchen door and its Baldev. Balwant asks why did he wake up in morning. Bansuri asks are you fine, what are you doing here. Baldev says I was trying to boil milk, so that I can have it and sleep. He says I could not sleep all night. She asks why. He says Veera…….. don’t know. She says I will boil the milk and bring, you go.


says its good he woke up early. Ranvi, Veera and Gunjan come to the recording studio. Veera asks for the manager Sandeep and waits for him, Gunjan sees a modern girl and copies her. Sandeep comes and asks Ranvi to come to meet the music director. The music director gives the lyrics to Ranvi and asks him to read well and manage everything. Veera and Gunjan wish him all the best. Ranvi comes in the recording studio and gets tensed seeing everything.

The music director asks him to start the singing, and tells him the technical things. He asks him to focus on the song and sing well. Baldev meets his friends and have tea. His mood is upset as he could not sleep all night. His friend says we have a solution, you went to Poland and your sleeping program got disturbed. He says go back to Poland and sleep there. Baldev says its for few days.

He tells about Veera, she has to talk to me. His friend asks now what. Baldev says I don’t know and leaves being irritated by their questions. Ranvi sings the song Bekhudi…………… The music director asks him not to sing loudly, but be calm and sing. He sings very low. The music director says its too low, sing normal, keep mic away from mouth. Ranvi sings again. The music director says catch the beat, you are going completely offbeat. Ranvi gets tensed and sings again. He stops and the music director gives him 30mins break to freshen up. Gunjan and Veera get upset.

Veera asks him not to feel bad, as everything will be fine. Gunjan asks him not to be tensed, we will go out, and have some food, then he will feel better. Baldev reaches the place before 5pm and waits for Veera. He says where are you, come fast and tell me what you want to say. He turns and sees a girl dressed like Veera. He goes to her and sees its someone else. Ranvi sits to record the song again. He is unable to sing well and the music director is getting angry. He scolds him and says pack up.

Gunjan says no, give us some time, we will help him. Baldev calls Veera and says where is she, she is not taking my call. Gunjan and Veera give courage to Ranvi and asks him not to get nervous. Veera says you wrote this song, no one can sing this better than you. Gunjan reads the lines for him. Veera does not see the phone ringing.

It starts raining and Baldev stands in the rain waiting for Veera. He says I m here since one hour, where is she. She had to talk to me something important, she would have called me if she was not coming. Tum bin hum adhe adhure………..plays………….. Ranvi sings the song again. He stops after a line and the music director scolds him again. Ranvi feels insulted. Veera says you are judging him very soon, he came here for first time, its obvious he will take some time. She convinces the director and asks him did he not have problems in his career start.

She asks him to give some time to Ranvi, he is a farmer, but singing is his talent, why can’t he sing and make it a career, our Pind knows his potential. She says your team heard him singing and selected him, I m sure he will become the best singer of the world. The director says he has to show his talent, in front of the mic. He says my day is wasted and we are stopping the recording now, Ranvi will have final chance tomorrow to prove himself. He leaves.

Veera asks Baldev’s friend about him. She comes to know he was standing in rain for two hours. Baldev gets fever and tells Bansuri that he has to sleep, don’t wake up if anyone comes, I don’t want to meet anyone. Veera comes and stops hearing this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Veera will not propose in dis janam I guess.. Tired waiting for her to propos .,Wil not watch it for a week now.. Lets see if d story progresses..

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