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The Episode starts with Manjeet asking Geet to dance. She sends her to Ranvi and smiles. Ranvi dances with Gunjan. Dilawar signs Manjeet. Geet slips and Ranvi holds her. Manjeet and Dilawar smile. Bansuri and Gunjan get angry. Gunjan imagines losing Ranvi and everyone blaming her for not being able to give child to Ranvi. Manjeet says its her mistake, she slipped and her leg has hit Geet. They all resume dancing. Ratan sees Gunjan getting sad. Manjeet tries to fill Deepu’s ears to make Ranvi her father.

She says Ranvi will become your new father soon. Ratan hears everything. She sends Deepu. Manjeet says she was just talking to Deepu. Ratan slaps her hand. Ratan scolds her for thinking so cheap to separate her son and bahu, it would be good that Baldev kicked her out of home, and promises her that

she will not leave her if she says similar thing again.

Baldev tells everyone that the harvest is kept in the godown. Geet tells Ranvi that you will be proud of Ratan. He says I m also proud of Veera and Baldev, they made this possible. She says yes, Veera is nice and thinks about everyone, she changed my life and did so much for pind people. He says she is my sister. Balwant gets Gunjan and asks her to enjoy the function. Gunjan sees Ranvi and Geet and gets teary eyed. She goes and cries. Baldev asks what happened to you, why are you standing alone, why is she crying. She says no. He says I have seen dad bringing you and you came here to stand alone, you are hurt by something, you feel I m fool and will not know your worry.

He says he is with her, and asks the problem, does she feel he can’t do anything. She hugs him and says she is lucky to get him as brother. He asks the problem. Ratan comes and asks Baldev to go, Veera is finding him, she has to talk to Gunjan, she has to talk something imp and sends him. Ratan says I know you did not tell him. She says she wants to tell her something.

Baldev comes to Veera and romance. Mahiya………plays………………Dilawar asks is everything ready. The man says yes, the wine will make everyone drunk, what is your plan. Dilawar says he has thought a big plan, when I sit with Baldev, give me the bottle and it will not have wine, but juice, Baldev will think I m drunk but I will be in my senses. Ratan apologizes to Gunjan. Gunjan asks what is the matter. Ratan says she thought Gunjan is just thinking, but now she knows the truth. Gunjan asks what, about Ranvi and Geet. Ratan says Ranvi and you are innocent, Ranvi and Geet did not have anything. Ranvi loves you and someone is trying to separate you. Gunjan asks who. Ratan says leave it, you felt all this as someone made you doubt and creating such scenes to make you far from Ranvi.

She says she will not let them succeed, she will not let her and Ranvi separate. She asks Gunjan to keep her relation strong. Gunjan says she got peace hearing her that till she is there, no one can come between me and Ranvi. Ratan hugs her. Baldev romances with Veera. Balwant reminds him that he is sarpanch of the pind. Veera says she will do the request fulfilled of the pind and goes to dance. Nach karenge………Disco Wale Khisko……..plays…………… Veera and Baldev dance. Balwant plays the dhol and joins them along Gunjan and Ranvi. Baldev gets Dilawar for dance. Dilawar shakes a leg and goes. The elders also join and dance. Ranvi hugs Ratan and Veera. They all smile.

Manjeet sees Dilawar with people. Ratan takes lassi and hears Dilawar and Manjeet talking. He says if Ratan sees her with him, his plan will flop. Manjeet says I hate her. Dilawar asks her to have some patience, everyone will happen here. Bansuri calls Manjeet. Dilawar asks her to meet in one hour, he will tell her everything. Ratan thinks she has to keep an eye on him, she is scared did he think anything wrong and prays Lord not to harm pind’s happiness.

Dilawar tells Manjeet that his man will keep harvest and also the bomb, then all the harvest will be burnt. Manjeet says its great plan and no one will doubt. Ratan confronts them and they get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. and love you veerba

  3. Ratans going to die in the bomb while saving the whole pind (village) ?

  4. So sad for ratan .veeba’s dance was so good.manjeet and dilawar if they come infront of me ill kill them.but yesterdays episode was soooooo goooood………..

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