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The Episode starts with Baldev and Veera having a quarrel. Baldev tells Veera that this time he won’t be able to bear anything. He warns Veera. Baldev talks to Veera and asks her to get Rahul and Geet married. She says this will be done. He says if this does not happen, Gunjan will break and I can’t bear this, I will not forgive anyone if Gunjan cries. Rahul thinks about Manjeet’s words and sees Ranvi and Gunjan fighting. He thinks to talk to Geet. Ranvi looks at Gunjan’s pic and is worried. Baldev comes to argue and Ranvi asks why are they doubting on them again. Baldev says he can’t see tears in Gunjan’s eyes and reminds Ranvi saving Veera from a tiger, and today I m saving my sisters, I don’t know who are her enemies, I just know I can’t see her crying. Ranvi says even I can’t see her


Baldev says you will understand Gunjan’s pain when Veera is in pain, so just think Veera can get such pain too. Ranvi is shocked. Rahul comes to meet Veera. Baldev stops him and says he has taken a decision that Geet and Rahul will get married tomorrow itself. They all get shocked. Rahul says wait, I have to tell something. Veera says before you say anything, I need to talk to you, come with me please. He goes with her. Balwant asks Baldev why does he want to keep marriage tomorrow. Baldev says its good thing. Balwant says how will we do arrangements. Bansuri says we will keep it simple.

Rahul asks Veera why did she bring him here. Veera says I have seen you worried, and Baldev preponed the marriage, I want you to talk to me before saying anything to them. He says there is something troubling me, I have heard that… She asks what is it. He says about Geet and Ranvi. She says there is nothing like that, they used to sing together and Gunjan doubted on them, Ranvi is not such a man, I can swear on Ranvi. She says Geet is very nice, and I believe you both will be happy, this will be injustice with Geet if you believe anyone else. He says I agree to you, but marriage tomorrow will be very soon. She says fine, I will talk to Baldev. Manjeet hears them and smiles.

Veera and Rahul come to everyone and she says marriage tomorrow will be very soon. Baldev asks whats the difference in tomorrow or three days later, I will do all arrangements. They start arguing. Rahul looks on and says Veera, I m ready to marry tomorrow. They all get shocked. Balwant asks Rahul to stay in guest room. Baldev asks Gunjan is she happy now and hugs her. Veera asks Rahul why did he agree. Rahul says it does not matter, I have to talk to Geet once. Manjeet stops Rahul from talking to Geet, as its rituals that groom can’t meet bride one day before the marriage.

Rahul agrees and leaves. Bansuri says the marriage will happen. Manjeet thinks it will happen what I plan.

Manjeet instigates Rahul against Geet. Rahul thinks why is Geet hiding her feelings and gets a card with note written I love you Ranvijay Singh. He says Geet loves Ranvi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Plz change the track do something new always couples are fighting in this show

  2. Hatters be happy Veera is closing bara chain pary ga tum logo k kalijo mai

  3. Story is going on good

  4. Please end the show

  5. ye writers baldev ko kya bnana chah rhe hero or evil person I think writers khud hi confused hai nd there is no love b/w veera nd baldev,agr pyar aisa hota hai to akele rhna hi behtar hai lagta hai inn nonsense writers ko phle thoda pyar ke bare me jan lena chahiye other serials se warna ye veera and baldev ki terrible lv story continue hi rakhenge

  6. light guys
    anywayz dis show is gng off air.
    so it realy doesnt make a big difernce now ;;;)

  7. Ranvir (I mean his character) has no brain. I don’t blame Gunjan.. No girl in ger right mind would tolerate so long. Who is Deepu to Ranvir or who is Geet to him? Geet is also very very stupid. If she has any self respect she would have left the house. Her intentions are also not clear. Selfish! Enough of thanking to Ranvir from Geet. Get out as soon as possible Geet! and find a job somewhere. Not a good lesson to learn for veiwers.

  8. Hate this story now

  9. If writer wants his next assignment to boost his/her career then arrest deelawar and manjeet, send Geet and Deepu to London and end the show with happy end.

  10. Why this ranvi care for deepu? And not only care this is too much care. He saw that gunjan is doubting him but he is doing nothing for clear gunjan’s doubt. He again and again help geet and gunjan also doubting him. And this stupid baldev how can he say ranvi that (if you hurt my sister then I will also hurt your sister) when he love veera. That means his love for veera is false. I mean baldev and ranvi’s love are false.

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