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The Episode starts with Ranvi and Baldev talking to Bansuri, asking her to accept Chanchali. Gunjan says what problem do you have, if I and Baldev are ready to accept her. Baldev says what do you want, that she loses our support. Veera looks on. Bansuri says I won’t let her come in. Balwant brings Sonia home. Everyone look at them and Bansuri fumes. Balwant says Chanchali will be staying here from today, as part of this family, this is my decision. Everyone smile. Bansuri scolds Sonia for stepping in her house and asks Balwant how dare he bring her here. Balwant says she stayed away from me, bear a lot, but not now. She will be with me here, in this family, she will get her true rights here. He says I did the mistake years ago and now its time to rectify it.

He says I have to do the duty of being

a father and return her rights. Bansuri asks what about the life which you started with me. She says Sonia I don’t have place for you in my house, just go. Balwant shouts Bansuri ji………… and asks her not to behave like strangers, she is my daughter. He says don’t stop me from doing my duty, I don’t want to hurt you, everything will be same. There won’t be change in my love, I want to change her life, by giving her love, even if you don’t accept her as daughter, accept her as part of family. Bansuri says this can never happen.

Gunjan says stop running from truth, she is part of our family, she is my elder sister and this truth won’t change. Baldev says if you don’t let her stay here, I will also leave this house. We will stay together, else not. Sonia cries and folds hands apologizing to Bansuri. She says trust me, I did not come here to ruin your life, I came here in this house so that I can tell you bye for the last time. Everyone is shocked. Balwant asks what is she saying, this house is hers too like others. He says Bansuri’s anger will go, her heart is clean, just words are bitter.

Gunjan says yes, don’t worry, no one will let you go. You met us after so many years. Baldev says this your house and family, its your right to be here. Sonia says yes I know, so I m going. She says I came to meet Papa ji and I got much love and relations, I got a younger sister and lovely brother. She says distance does not matter to me. She apologizes to Gunjan and says you always gave me love and I was annoyed and was blind to create problems between you and Ranvi. I was also hurt doing this. She apologizes to Ranvi too.

Ranvi says no, your pain was very big and this is nothing. Gunjan says you completed us, I always felt a need for sister and you came in, why are you going. Sonia says as this life is yours and I don’t want anything to spoil here. Balwant says no. Sonia says now I m grown up and I know whats the pain of relations breaking. I don’t want anything bad happens here. She makes Balwant and Bansuri hold hands. She says I m happy to get love and I have a life there in city, my friends and patients might be waiting for me, so I have to go back now. Balwant cries and hugs her.

Sonia hugs Gunjan. Gunjan says I will call you daily and come to meet you. Sonia says I will send you new recipes. Baldev says I will let you go on one condition, if you promise you will come here often to meet us. Sonia promises. Sonia says I saw Ranvi, how much you love Gunjan, always love her. She greets Bansuri and says I will leave. Bansuri blesses her and keeps her hand on her head. Sonia smiles. Balwant says the bus is after one hour, I will drop you. Sonia leaves.

Veera comes to Baldev and asks is he thinking about Chanchali Didi. He looks at her and says you are still here. She says yes, Gunjan is coming back with us, so I m waiting. Baldev says yes, Gunjan is also going today, my both sisters left me today. He says the house is so empty now. They thank each other. He calls her friend and she says friend? He asks what. She says nothing. He asks her what was she trying to tell him since two days, what is the matter. She says yes, its important, not now, we will talk later. He says lets meet tomorrow at 5pm and talk. She smiles and says done, so sweet of you and hugs him. Music plays……………..She moves away and leaves.

Baldev smiles. Happy shappy wala love…………..plays……….. He says am I sweet? Gunjan and Ranvi come home. Gunjan says Chachali Didi called, she is reaching Delhi in some time. She says Papa ji is very sad, but he will be fine in few days, but I m worried for Biji, as she can keep taunting Papa ji for this. Ranvi asks Gunjan not to worry, as everything will be fine with time. She asks what is she writing. He says I m writing your promise, that you won’t go anywhere. He says I can’t live without you, so I will take sign from you. She smiles and says if I don’t sign and go somewhere, then.

He stops her and says I will pull you to me, this way, in my arms. She hugs him. Chaiji calls them for dinner. He holds her. She says Chaiji is calling, lets go. She runs. Ranvi smiles. Ratan and Chaiji are stunned knowing Sonia was Chanchali. They discuss with Gunjan. Gunjan says Bansuri was not ready to accept her. Chaiji receives a call and talks on phone. Veera takes the call next and says what…… Chaiji asks what happened. Veera says manager from recording studio called, asking for Ranvi. He says Ranvi has to come tomorrow to record his first song. Everyone smile.

Ranvi gets nervous and gets scolded. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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