Veera 18th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 18th July 2013 Written Episode, Veera 18th July 2013 Written Update

The episode started with Baldev taunting Veera and Ranvi of not having a father and accusing them that they were jealous so they wanted his father to not love him, thats why they always complain. Veera said so what if they don’t have a father, they have Nihaal Chachu.Baldev laughs at hearing this and says Nihaal is not like their father, he is their servant who works on the field. Nihaal witnesses everything. Veera gets mad at hearing this and tries to hit Baldev but Ranvi keeps a tight hold on her. She keeps cursing Baldev in her own ways. Ranvi grabs Veera and leaves.

Bansuri goes to Kartaar with the sweets and congratulates him that Gurpreet left. Kartaar first tries to deny but Bansuri says she’s not innocent like others, she understands everything and she then encourages him to go get Ratan

and beware of Nihaal. Kartaar asks her whats in it for her, she just says she wants the best for him and Ratan.

Nihaal and Ratan are working on some finances when they see Ranvi polishing Veera’s shoes and Veera messing around and playing with him. Veera smudges some polish on his face and they start chasing each other, making Ratan, Chai ji, Nihaal all smile. Veera and Ranvi go upstairs and they see large size shoes in front of their neighbors house and that makes Veera ask Ranvi about them. He says they are men’s shoes. Veera wishes she too had a father so they could keep large size shoes in front of their house too. Ranvi says he will grow up soon and they can do that, but Veera isn’t convinced. She wishes Ratan to re-marry so she can have it now.

Ratan sits in her room in front of Sampooran’s pic and complains to him of how he left her and made her responsible for every household work. She has a flashback of her pretending to be Sampooran and teaching Ranvi while Sampooran pretends to be Ratan. Ratan laughs remembering the flashback but complains she only joked about being the man of the house, but now she really is the man of the house.

In school, the teacher tells the children that children in class five and above will be collecting items from every household to give it to the orphanage but they will have to be away from home. Ranvi worries who would take care of Veera but the teacher says her teachers take that responsibility and Ranvi feels better about it. Veera wants to go too, but Ranvi tells her she’s in a lower grade so can’t. Ranvi, Baldev and every other student of grade five and above start collecting things from the neighborhood.

Veera is made the monitor of the class while the teacher is away and she asks the class that since they can’t go to collect items, they should themselves donate something. So the whole class starts collecting their spare pencils, bottles e.t.c. Veera decides to donate her red ribbon she ties her hair with.

Ranvi is out collecting items from the pottery shop when he sees a pot and wishes to buy it for Veera. The shop owner says he can come back and make one for him. Ranvi turns to leave to continue with collective things when he stops and decides he will make it now. His friend tries to tell him that they need to get back to school in an hour, but he says Nihaal chachu will teach him so he doesn’t have to worry because he doesn’t learn much from the school anyway.

Precap: Ranvi spots Nihaal near the pottery shop and runs and hides. Nihaal stops by the pottery shop and admires a pot that is still being made and compliments the shop owner but he says it wasn’t he who made it, but a boy. He looks around but Ranvi is not there. Ranvi hides behind a wall, waiting for Nihaal to leave.

Update Credit to: ElmoFuj

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