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The Episode starts with Gunjan talking to her friend Preeto who tells her everything against kids, as kids end the love between husband and wife, his love gets divided and the wife just gets busy after baby. Gunjan ends the call and checks Ranvi’s gifts and smiles. She likes a dress and goes to try. Baldev comes to his room and looks for Veera. He says where is she and then lies down to sleep.

Gunjan tries the dress and says its not fitting right. Ranvi comes to his room and she hides saying he does not know the dress is not fitting me. She changes and comes. She says she will wear it when they go Chandigarh. He asks does it fit you. She says yes. She thinks she should not cancel the appointment, if she does late, then her baby bump will be seen.

Baldev gets up and looks for Veera. He

says she did not come till now, whats the reason. He says Veera…. And looks for her. Veera stays outside and thinks if Baldev can’t see me like this, he will come. Baldev comes to her and asks her to go inside and sleep. She asks why do you care if I sleep or not, you don’t care for me. He asks her to go as its very cold outside. She says it was cold that no9ght when you left me outside, it was our marriage night. He says don’t test my patience, if you get ill, who will take care of you, you want me to care for you. She says no, I don’t have any hope from you. He asks is her acting over and lifts her to take her inside home. She asks what are you doing, anyone can see us. He brings her to room and makes her lie on the lie.

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He says shut up and removes her sandals. He covers her with blanket and says your voice is shivering and you are arguing with me. He scolds her with love and asks her not to get down the bed. She smiles and thinks he does not hate her, he just stays annoyed, I will make him fine.

Its morning, Veera mixes the medicine in milk glass and brings it for him. He asks her to keep it there. She reminds him whats tomorrow, its his parents marriage anniversary. He asks so? She says recall how we celebrated last year. She says we should do something to make them happy, and this will be last function for us to celebrate together. He says I don’t have time. He reminds her that Bansuri does not like her. She says I know, but why should I not try to make relations fine.

He says I won’t do what I did last year. He leaves. She says she will keep such party that even he will dance. She calls Gunjan and reminds about anniversary. She asks her to come soon. Gunjan says its not possible, she will come late. Veera says no, I can’t manage alone, please come. Gunjan agrees. Veera asks for chef number and Gunjan worries as she has to cancel this appointment too.

Veera calls the chef and orders food. She then call decorators and asks him to make it retro like 25 years old look. Bansuri hears this and thinks why is she throwing party and whats the reason to celebrate. Veera orders the cake and says the message about marriage anniversary for Biji and Papa ji. Bansuri says Veera wants to celebrate our marriage anniversary and that too in grand way. She smiles and says she understands this, Veera thinks Baldev will change mind and not give her divorce, but I will make you do such things that people say its good to take divorce from such a wife. Baldev comes to Veera and asks her not to do all this drama.

Veera talks to Baldev and tries to involve him in the arrangements. She asks a dish name and he tells it. He gets annoyed and leaves. She says she will get his love soon. She goes to Balwant and Bansuri and wish them happy anniversary. He blesses her. She says she booked movie ticket and lunch date. Balwant says what will we do going now in this age. Bansuri says she will go. Veera thinks when they come back, they will be more happy by the surprise. Bansuri thinks she will be shocked when everyone make fun of her.

Veera gets shocked when she comes to know how every food order and cake order, decorations got cancelled.

Update Credit to: Amena

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