Veera 18th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Veera 18th February 2014 Written Episode, Veera 18th February 2014 Written Update

Biji says, it was my i didnt forgive him thats why he had gone from this pind. Please forgive him. cant you forgive him for me?
Baldev says, what happened if you are not real sister and tomorrow you are going to london. why are not saying anything. Ranveer says, i will not forgive to papaji because he breaks our trust and i wouldnot forget it. I will not leave you in sad, please forgive me. Now i understand everything and i am feeling shame on me. Now i feel your pain and how difficult for you. Now i promise you that i will not complaint for veera to you. Baldev drops veera and veera request to him that dont tell anyone that i know the truth. Baldev says, ok i will not tell anything.
Biji says, i had done anything for veera and you had lost everything for veera. Ranveer says, i will leave veera very happily and we dont tell anything to her and she will think that i am fraud and i cant live without her.
Veera sit in a gurudwara and thinks her childhood rememberings and cries. Veera says, i will not tell anybody that i know the truth.
Chaiji says, i know your pain. Dont panic, you will cross this obstacles. dont cry. Biji says, now ranveer will not forgive to sampuran ji. Chaiji says, give him some time and he will forget sampuran singh and you dont worry now ranveer will understand you more.
Baldev says, how dare you to tell the truth to veera. Gunjan says, dont you think about me. Baldev says, i know the truth but i decided that nobody will tell her the truth. Gunjan says, now you everybody think that i am wrong and papaji also done wrong with me for veera. I was hurted alot that why i feel that i am not wrong.
Ranveer says to veera, i search you where were you. Was you crying? Veera says, no its due to say bye to all pind wale. Ranveer give bite of food to veera but veera says, today i will give you a bite. Veerji do you really think that i will go to foreign.
dont you feel bad?
Ranveer says, today is your last night then dont you hug me. Veera hugs ranveer.

Precap:- Veera says, please forgive me biji, i will not annoy you and i want from rabji that you will be my mother and ranveer will be my brother.

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