Veera 18th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 18th February 2013 Written Episode, Veera 18th February 2013 Written Update

Ranvi is feeding Veera. She asks him to give in small bites as she is small and will not be able to swallow properly. Ranvi asks her not to talk while having food. Veera insists to talk as she has so much to share in her stomach and cannot have roti if it’s inside her. Ranvi softly explains that its brain that makes us think and not stomach. Veera says moti chaiji used to tell her that she cannot have any secret in her stomach. Ranvi tells her to ask the answer to moti chaiji as she has answer for all her questions. Veera notices a cockroach and stands up. Ranvi is also scared and tries to shoo it away. Veera asks why he sent a box of cockroaches to her class the other day. She tells him that because of that she was punished. Ranvi says he didn’t send any box to her. Veera tells him about the boy

through whom he had sent the box. Ranvi asks whether she could identify the boy. Veera says she doesn’t know the name but have seen the boy playing. Ranvi starts to question Veera about how the boy looked. He says it’s necessary for her to know as because of that boy everything had happened. Veera tries to remember and finally tells that the boy had two legs, two hands, two eyes, two ears and one nose. Ranvi tells that these identifications are common to everyone. He asks whether she can identify the boy when she sees him. Veera says yes.

Ratan is in thoughts. She doesn’t notice the milk boiling. Ratan gets hurt when she tries to remove the vessel of the stove (don’t know what they call in village). Moti chaiji applies ghee on her wounds and says it will cool down soon. She scolds Ratan for being careless and not lifting the vessel with the cloth. Ratan hugs Chaiji and cries. She starts to say that she cant look after everything properly. Ratan tells that even Shamsher who was looking after many things for her left the job. She feels that life is deceiving her every time. Ratan tells she has to face so many problems at the same time. She says she cant fight everything all alone. Chaiji takes an egg, carrot and tea leaves. She puts all together in the boiling water. Ratan asks why she is putting all three together. Chaiji says she is just giving answers to her questions. She brings three bowls and transfers a piece of carrot, the egg and a table spoon of black tea respectively. Chaiji explains that though the three faced the same (boiled water) each was tackled differently. The carrot became soft, egg which was soft inside became hard and the tea leaves changed the flavor of water. Chaiji says Ratan is similar to tea leaves as she spreads her effect everywhere. She requests Ratan not to become weak but become strong like the egg. Chaiji asks Ratan to trust herself first and wipes her tears. Ratan thanks Chaiji for always being there for her during her difficult times. Chaiji says she will be there always and not to thank her.

Announcement going on in the village regarding the kite flying competition and the prize money that Kartar will be sponsoring. Nihaal tells Kartar that the competition will increase the fun of Basant Panchami festival. Kartar says he is just following what Sampooran used to do. He feels that the function will increase the closeness between village people as all will come together for the festival. Kartar says he remembers Sampooran during this festival. He recollects that Sampooran would say that these kinds of functions keep the tradition alive. Kartar feels that it would have been better if Sampooran was with them. Nihaal gets disturbed on listening to Kartar’s words. He refuses to accompany Kartar to Gurudwara saying he has some important work in the market. Nihaal says to himself that if Sampooran had been here he would have not been there.

Veera runs to Chaiji and hugs her. Ranvi casually lies on the cot. Veera says she needs to ask something to her. Chaiji asks her to go away from her. Veera asks her to answer for the doubt she got in school. Ranvi laughs at them. Chaiji realizes that it’s Ranvi who had asked Veera to question her. She asks Veera to question her Veerji. Chaiji tells that she will not fall into their trap. Veera insists her to answer as Veerji had said that Chaiji has got answer to all her questions. Chaiji fakes crying and sits down. She calls God to help her. Veera asks her not to disturb God for such trivial matters.

Chaiji tries to escape from Veera and diverts the topic. She asks Ranvi to get the things needed for the competition. Chaiji now thinks that Veera will question her about Basant Panchami. Veera says she know what Basant Panchami is as her Veerji explained her everything. She explains that BP is celebrated as it marks Sarawathi mata’s birthday and they pray by keeping their books before her. Veera says she will never ask for buti to God as they have her already (She was meaning buddhi but spells butti). Chaiji cries. Ranvi asks her not to cry and explains to Veera that its buddhi(brain) not butti (old). Ratan laughs. Chaiji tells something but stops in the middle on seeing Ratan. Veera says her beeji is not butti but its Chaiji. She hugs Ratan. Ratan doesn’t know what to do and gives the amount to Ranvi and asks him to go to market to get things. Chaiji thinks that Veera will win over Ratan soon.

Veera sees Sikkander playing. She asks why he gave her the box of cockroaches. Veera asks him to come to her Veerji as he was searching for him. Sikkander tries to escape but Veera catches his hand. She shouts to her Veerji that she caught the guy who sent the box. Nihaal is with Ranvi. Both come towards Veera as she calls them.

Update Credit to: seelaks

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