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Veera 18th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baldev telling Bansuri and Manjeer that nothing is important to him, than becoming a sarpanch, not even Veera. He leaves. Bansuri gets glad and says she wishes Baldev to win, and his relation with Veera will end. Manjeet says yes and thinks he made her work easy and she will get what she wants. Baldev asks Veera is she ready. She says yes and gets hurt. He cares for her. She asks do you love me so much. He smiles and says the election result should not come between us. She says never and thinks her Baldev is back. He says lets go, its our party and we should reach first. They leave.

Ranvi gets stuck in his tshirt and Gunjan laughs. She tickles him and he asks what is she doing. He gets Dhingra’s call. Dhingra says its good news, Arora says you handled the controversy well

and you got famous, he asked you to record song, tell me the date. Ranvi says no need, he was worried for himself when the case was going on, I will not work with him now. Baldev and Veera come to the restaurant and she likes everything. He shows the menu and goes to caterers, and asks Veera to sign. He asks her to welcome guests and he has some work. She says fine.

The people like the party arrangements. Ranvi and Gunjan like it as it looks grand. Veera says Baldev did everything. Baldev calls Kohli. Kohli says everything is set, start your work now. Veera calls Baldev and asks where is he. He says I m doing arrangements. She says then you will miss party, I will come to help you. He says no, stay in party, what will guests think. She says fine, come soon.

Bansuri makes good food as she got the good news. Balwant comes and they hide the matter from him. He likes the food and asks why this treat. Bansuri says Baldev and Veera went to party so we thought to do party at home. He says its great, I can’t believe you got this good idea. Chai ji comes home and talks to Ratan. She finds Ratan upset. Ratan hugs her.

Gunjan asks Ranvi to listen to her. He says you are looking beautiful. She says liar, don’t make words. He says no, there is not one like you, my words are true like my love. She says then prove it. He asks how. She asks will I say everything. He smiles and goes on the stage. He says he wants to say his heart out to his wife, he wants to tell infront of everyone that I…. he walks to Gunjan and gives her a rose sitting on his knees. He says I love you Gunjan. Gunjan smiles.

Ranvi and Gunjan dance and everyone smile. Ratan tells Chai ji that she is worried that Baldev is planning something, and Veera loves him a lot and she does not think he is wrong. She says what he did last time with Ranvi, he is still kiddish, he regrets after doing wrong, but it gets late. She gets a call and is shocked. Ratan tells Chai ji that her fear was right. Chai ji asks why, what is he doing.

Veera comes to Baldev and asks him to come, she is missing him and wants to be with him in party. He says he has hurt her a lot in elections, let me make things right, I will see here, you go in party. She says I will also make things right and help you now. He says but it was my idea, you go there, I will come. She says come soon, I will wait, she got some thoughts. He asks why. She says I don’t want to let me go. They smile. He teases her and asks what thoughts. She says I will say later and leaves. He smiles. He sees give vote to Veera Singh slips.

The election officer comes to asks Ratan to stop Veera from fighting elections and disqualifies Veera.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Baldev deserves a nice girl not this veera ….ranvi keep ur veera in ur home itself

  2. Hello rohan baldev is a idotic goose that he hurts his own wife for a election by fooling her with his fake concern. So rohan first think before writing


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