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Veera 17th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gunnjan acting and fighting with Baldev infront of everyone. She says she is a daughter and did not get any rights, as Baldev took all her rights. He asks her to go to Ranvi’s house. She argues with Balwant and Bansuri and says you have always not seen my feelings, no one worried for me here. She gets angry on Balwant as he calms her. She says you always did injustice with me. Sonia is hurt seeing Gunjan being angry on Balwant. Sonia says can’t you see how much he loves you. Gunjan says he can’t feel my pain, you let it be, you don’t know anything, he acts that he loves me, no one loves me. Bansuri scolds Gunjan. Gunjan talks ill about Balwant and says you differentiated between girls and boys, I m so unlucky.

Sonia loses her temper and says how can you tell this. Sonia

scolds Gunjan and says I should complain, why are you complaining, as its me who did not get his love, who got all my fate love, Papa ji always loved you. Balwant gets up and says Papa ji? Gunjan says yes Papa ji, she is your daughter Chanchali, not Sonia. Balwant says what are you saying. Bansuri and Balwant are shocked. Sonia cries. Bansuri says Gunjan stop this nonsense, she can’t be his daughter. Gunjan says this is birth, she is his first daughter, the eldest one.

Bansuri says only you are his daughter and Baldev his son, we don’t have space for any third one, ask her to leave now. Gunjan asks Balwant to trust her, she is Chanchali. She says relations don’t change with name, and you did not see how she supported you, when I was blaming you, like a daughter supports her father. Bansuri says enough Gunjan. Baldev says this is not nonsense, you are turning. Bansuri asks how can you both be sure, what proof do you have. Baldev says we have proof, I will bring it. He goes to Sonia’s room and brings Balwant and Chanchali’s childhood pic. Balwant cries and looks at the pic.

Gunjan says I got this in her luggage. Bansuri says what does this pic proof. She says this does not proof she is Balwant’s daughter. Baldev says its truth. Bansuri says I know one truth, that this is my house, he is my husband and you both are my children, no one else. She taunts Sonia and leaves. Baldev goes to talk to her. Gunjan asks Balwant to say the truth, when he met her for first time, did he not feel he knows her. She says I know you felt she is your blood.

She says she stayed without you love and support, and we can’t understand her loneliness, she came in this Pind for you, to get your love, she needs your love, please accept her and give her rights and love. She says get up and see she is waiting for you. She turns and sees Sonia gone. Baldev goes out to see. Veera comes to tell Baldev about her feelings and sees him coming out. Baldev asks you here. She thinks I have to tell you with confidence. She asks what happened, you look worried.

He says what happened and Sonia is his elder sister, Balwant’s daughter from his first wife, we all know this, Biji refused to accept her and Papa ji is crying a lot. He says she left our house and went. Veera is shocked. Baldev says Biji spoke to her very rudely, what to do, shall I go to get her or be here with Papa ji and Biji. Veera says we can talk to them later, lets find Chachali Didi first. They leave on his bike.

Gunjan tells everything to Ranvi. He asks where is she now. Gunjan says I don’t know. She tells how Bansuri reacted. Ranvi says you don’t worry, I m coming, we will sort everything together. Sonia packs her bag crying to leave from Pind. Balwant comes to her and says Chanchali Beti……. She turns to look at him. She says don’t call me Beti, I m not your daughter, its my mistake that I came to meet you. He says everything will be fine, I came to take my daughter with me home. She says which home, which does not have space for me, why do you care now, if not all those years. He says I m sorry and folds his hands.

He says I wanted to take you home in childhood, but could not. She says so you left me with my Nani. He says I felt they will take care of me, but I always worried for you. She says yes, you used to send me money, take this money, if this is your worry. She shares her pain. He says you are my blood and cries. He says you are my child, I love you a lot. She says it’s a lie, you love your new family and love Gunjan. Balwant says no, I could not show you, my Lord knows, I love you as I love Gunjan.

Balwant says I love you a lot Chanchali, how to not love you, you are my first child, you gave me happiness to become a father, you called me Papa ji first, even I hear it today, your sweet voice. He says now I will not let you go far and folds his hands asking her to forgive him. Sonia melts and holds his hand. He says give me once chance to regret my mistake. She says no, don’t say this and hugs him crying. He says I will never let any pain touch you now. She smiles happily.

Baldev asks Veera what does she want to say. She says yes, its important, but not now, later. He says lets meet tomorrow at 5pm. She says fine, so sweet of you and hugs him smiling. Baldev is surprised.

Update Credit to: Amena

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