Veera 17th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 17th July 2013 Written Episode, Veera 17th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ranvi trying to cheer up Nihaal telling him how his father taught him that if one realises their mistake, that itself is a very big thing. Nihaal says he wished everything was that simple. Nihaal asks Ranvi if the man with whom his dad’s accident happened came in front of him, what will he do? Ranvi replied he has stopped thinking about it now. Ranvi then stands up and offers Nihaal his hand saying he is now very strong, he won’t let him fall. Nihaal stares at his hand but then takes it and Ranvi pushes him and they leave the place.

Ratan remembers Ranvi telling her to dress like she used to before Sampooran’s death and she decides to do the same for Ranvi. As she dresses up and goes to the kitchen, Veera sneaks in and leaves a rose on the kitchen table, banging a glass

so Ratan sees, and runs away but not before Ratan could see her. She takes the rose and goes upstairs as Veera keeps herself hidden. When Ratan is out of sight, Veera does her happy dance thinking Ratan has finally forgiven her.

Ratan places the rose in front of Sampooran’s picture and talking to it asks Sampooran to make Veera understand she is not mad at her, but broken and that she can never be her mother even though she is not at fault. She said she feels bad seeing her hurt.

On the other side Balwant and Bansuri are in a heated arguement where Bansuri accuses Balwant of keeping relations with his third child, a daughter from his previous marriage even when he promised not to after marrying Bansuri. She is outraged at the fact that Balwant saves money for her still. Balwant says he just saves a very little ammount of it but Bansuri will not hear of it. Bansuri tells him clearly that ever since the girl’s mother died, Balwant’s relation with that girl was finished and Balwant reveals he has never even met the girl ever. Gunjan and Baldev look on as Bansuri defends Baldev whereas Balwant blames Bansuri’s parenting to be the reason of Baldev’s bad habbits.

Baldev gets scolded by Balwant later on for stealing money and gets punished.

Ranvi and Veera are ready to go out and Ranvi asks Ratan he’s going out and she asks him to come back before dark. Veera asks Ratan if she should too come back before the dark or maybe after? Ratan starts replying, but stops. Ranvi then takes her outside saying she too needs to come before.

Later Balwant goes out and Kartaar sees him coming. He quickly fakes a phone call from Gurpreet begging her to come back. Balwant asks him what happened and he cooks up a story saying she is asking for a divorce and won’t come back. He tells Balwant how Ratan handles everything so smoothly and how Gurpreet just left. Balwant says this matter now needs to be adressed by the higher authority of the village but Kartaar denies.

While playing, Gunjan tells Veera about her father’s second marriage which makes Veera curious about the matter. She asks questions from Gunjan and comes to the conclusion that if someone dies, their spouse can re-marry.

Veera is going home when Baldev and his friend start threatning her for spying in his matters once again. She is backing away, but he keeos threatning her when Ranvi comes and stops Baldev. He and Ranvi then get into an arguement and Baldev says Veera and Ranvi are jealous from him. Ranvi asks why would that be? he has everything goo. Nihaal reaches there and looks on. Baldevs says he has a father. This uspets Veera and Ranvi.

Precap: Veera says so what if they don’t have a father, they have Nihaal Chachu who is just like a father. Baldev laughs and says Nihaal is not a father, he is just their servant who works for them on the fields. Nihaal witnesses everything.

Update Credit to: ElmoFuj

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