Veera 17th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Veera 17th January 2013 Written Episode, Veera 17th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts from Baldev showing off his Kurta , and seeing Ranveera his friends run to ranveera. Gunjan taunts Baldev about his story related to his Kurta Rv’s friends praise Veera’s look and her Dupatta, Veera proudly tells that her BIJI decorated her dupatta while Chaiji and Ratan hears this

Rv’s friends complains how he stopped dancing after Veera came into his life, seeing this Veera tells she wants to dance. All the kids dancing , Veera dances on her own style, Rv teaches her to do bangra Kids dancing while a revengeful Baldev looks on !

Chaiji and Ratan greeting Bansuri , Chaiji intentionally hugs Bansuri many times and taunts her Ratan and Gurpreet greeting each other. Seeing all the couples, Ratan remembers Sampooran, Ratan throwing seeds on the bonfire. Seeing Ratan sad , Chaji asks God for sampooran’s come back other wise show any other ” ishara ” as chaiji tells this Nihal appears behind Ratan. He seeks blessings from Chaiji.

Baldev while dancing pulls Veera in to the puddle , Veera is about to fall, Nihaal catches her. Veera tells v everything and says Nihal saved her. Rv thanks Nihaal and takes Veera with him.

All women dance , a lady oblige Ratan to dance , Ratan starts to dance happily , Ranveera happy seeing their Biji cheerful Ratan suddenly leaves from there seeing Baldev’s parents dancing ( she must have remembered Sampooran ) mahiya in BG. Nihal sees Ratan going away sadly.

Ratan alone, asking Sampooran to come back , Nihal hears it.

Ranveera at home, Chaiji tells their BIJI has made special things for lohri. There starts Veera’s query she asks Chaji ” what’s the meaning of special ( kaas ) Chaiji trying her best to explain finally give an example of how Rv is so special between all the brothers in their village, thats what we call being special ( kaas) Veera tells her Veerji is indeed special so is Moti chaiji. Rv asks what about Biji , Veera tells ” BIJI kaas nahi hai ( she is not special ) all are taken back , then Veera tells her BIJI is very very very special everyone is surprised by this statement of hers and happy

Pre – cap : Ratan scolding Veera for stealing a lipstick from Gunjan’s house

Update Credit to: Roshani

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