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The Episode starts with Veera confessing her love to Baldev by the radio message. He says where are you Veera. She says fine me, I m waiting at the place where you used to find me everytime. He recalls her old moments. He comes to her and holds her hand. They have an eyelock. Mahiya………….plays………………. She asks him not to go far from him. She reminds him their love and how strong it is. She says can’t we forget everything and unite again. She asks can’t he become her lov, her valentine forever.

He says you still think about yourself, you are selfish and will always be selfish, you called me here for this valentine’s day. Gunjan sees the decorations done by Ranvi. She asks is he thinking she came late, as she was not sure of coming. She says it was nothing like that, my phone

battery got off and I did not had charger. He says don’t explain me, I knew you will come before candle melts and ends. He shows her the gift and she smiles seeing the diamond ring. He makes her wear it. He hugs her. Baldev asks why did she lie. She says I lied as I love you, is loving someone called selfish. He says yes, you are selfish.

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He says Bij would have died today because of your carelessness, she told you about fuse and you did not do anything. He says don’t waste our time doing this, and I don’t have time and mind to think. She cries and says I will apologize to her and rectify my mistake, you also lied to me, you said you don’t care for me, when I said I need you, you came running. She asks why is he getting his anger on his love and reminds him showing their love souvenirs.
She says tell me you don’t value all these things. You gave me a lot than what I needed, and I could not give anything expect my love, give me that right to give my love to you. Mahiya………..plays……………. he brings some dry grass and says you want to see what these things value to me. He starts burning those things and she stops him.

He says I don’t want you in my life and I don’t want love, love does not matter to me, its all a lie. He leaves in anger. She cries sitting near the fire. Baldev cries and says why does she want to make me weak, I hate that old Baldev, why do you want to make me old one.

Veera falls asleep at the polyhouse. Its morning, Ranvi sees Veera at the polyhouse and asks what is she doing here. She says I m starting work again and came to se. He smiles and asks how is she. She says fine and asks about Gunjan. He tells about valentines day arrangements done for Gunjan, and asks about Baldev. She says yes, Baldev made it special for me, that I can’t forget all my life. She recalls Baldev’s anger. She says this has to happen, as he loves me a lot. He says he gave Gunjan many gifts. She says yes, Baldev also gave me valuable gift. Ranvi blesses her and she says she has to go home. He leaves.

She thinks maybe his blessings will work for her. Baldev asks Jaggi about Veera. Jaggi says she went home, why are you worried about her, she was alone there and any goons would have kidnapped her. Baldev asks him to stop it and Jaggi asks him to meet doctor once, he can see his anger on small things. Baldev tells about Bansuri facing life risk because of her, everything is ending now. Jaggi says you mean you are ending relation, and Veera should become ideal bahu in her stay at home.

Baldev says I agreed to her one month condition and its tough for me. Jaggi says its tough as you love him, and she wants to give this love a chance. Jaggi defends Veera and says she married you not to become great. He asks him to think about Bansuri disliking Veera and find out if she has done something to blame Veera. Baldev says you mean my Biji will lie. Jaggi reminds him the things that were till now. Baldev recalls Bansuri’s words and how he accused Veera.

Veera comes home and bumps into Bansuri. She makes the clothes fall and apologizes to her. Bansuri taunts her and says you have habit to keep trying. She sees valentines day news and says its like fashion, love can’t come by these things.

Baldev asks Veera to stay inside home, as its cold. She argues and refuses asking does he care.

Update Credit to: Amena

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