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Veera 17th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvi talking to Veera, and saying he is unable to be convinced with Baldev, I know he can’t b good sarpanch, we have seen him since childhood. She says he changed a lot in last few years and has become smart too. He says I trust you and hugs her. She comes home and sees Baldev sleeping. She rests beside him and sees him annoyed. He thinks she made this distance between them, he cares for her and she is just thinking about elections. She thinks he did not ask about Ranvi and Gunjan. He thinks she is hurting him. She thinks he sometimes showers too much love and then hurts her.

Its morning, Baldev meets Kohli and tells everyone that he is taking them to Chandigarh and if they vote for them, their Pritampura can also become like that. Ranvi and Veera also campaign. Veera tells

them about the hygiene need and talks to the villagers about their health benefits. The people are impressed with Baldev and Veera. The panchayat claps for them. The ladies say congrats to Bansuri as sarpanch will be chosen from their family and Bansuri is glad. They praise Veera and this irks Bansuri.

Gunjan tells Veera that Ranvi and she hear each other when they suggest something right. Manjeet and Bansuri fill Baldev’s ears against Baldev and Veera’s family talks positive about him. Manjeet says he can also elections because of Veera and he gets angry. Kohli tells Baldev that he can lose the elections. Baldve gets worried because of Veera.

Ranvi talks to Veera and Baldev comes to greet him. Ranvi and Baldev have a talk. Baldev says don’t worry, this case will end soon and everything will be fine and asks about court case. Ranvi says yes, its next week hearing. Baldev says my blessings are with you. Ranvi says thanks. Veera smiles. Baldev says he needs to talk to Veera. Veera asks what. Baldev says I m tired of fighting with you, don’t know why we got irritation in our life, now campaign is over and we have done our work, now I want to end this annoyance, I want my wife back. Veera and Ranvi smile.

Ranvi says I m glad and he also wanted this, and I told Veera everything will be fine. Baldev says great, I have an idea. Lets keep a small party at night. Ranvi says sure, and tells Veera to see. He hugs her. Baldev and Veera come inside the home holding hands, and Bansuri and Manjeet are shocked. Manjeet says she understood everything, they have solved their fight. Baldev says I realized what wrong I was doing, elections will come and go, but we have to be together. They leave.

Bansuri gets angry and says Veera has done some magic on her. Manjeet agrees. Ranvi asks Gunjan to get ready. She says why did he not tell before, she has to look best. He sees Ratan worried and asks what happened. Ratan says don’t know, I m feeling strange like something wrong is happening, Veera and Baldev were not talking and today this party, why. He says its one moment to change everything, don’t worry, you also wanted this to happen. She says yes, but its one day for elections.

He says I met him, he is happy and wants to make things fine. She smiles. Baldev comes to talk to Bansuri and Manjeet and tells his plan. They scold him for going after Veera again and does not listen to him. He says he is doing all this as per his plan. He says he knows everything and he is doing this to win elections, its all an acting. They smile.

Baldev acts sweet to Veera and she gets glad. He asks her to promise that elections results will not come between them and holds her hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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