Veera 16th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 16th May 2013 Written Episode, Veera 16th May 2013 Written Update

At Ranveera’s home, all are ready to go to Balwant home to watch documentary. Veera questions Moti chaiji for taking too much time to get ready. Nihaal arrives, Chaiji asks him to watch documentary with him. Both Nihaal and Rv tell they will stay back at home, Rv tells if he goes there people will laugh at him. Ratan tries to make him understand he shouldn’t fear about people’s comments. Veera says if her Veerji isn’t going, then she too will stay back with him in house. Nihaal explains to Ranveera the real failure is when someone gives up and stop fighting, he further tells only cowards do that, and Rv isn’t one of them. He encourages him telling he is Sampooran singh’s son who should fight back. Rv agrees to go with them.

Balwant’s home, Kartar is restlessly waiting for Ratan and family.

Rv’s friend asks him to sit with them, Rv feels low of himself, says he failed in exams, asks his friend would he continue to be his friend? His friend says Rv is a lion; he will fight back and pass next time. Kartar wants Ratan to sit besides him, once all sat, he unknowingly sit on Moti Chaiji’s lap ( Moti chaiji took his place purposely knowing his intentions ) Moti chaiji teases Kartar saying he is no more a child who can sit on her lap. Bansuri disturbs people while trying to walk towards Nihaal. She gives him lassi (made exclusively for him). While watching documentary, Veera tells her Biji is gonna be shown, Nihaal tells her she will come in the next segment. Kartar takes this as a chance to pick on him, asks him whether he was spying on their village as the documentary was made 8 months ago. Nihaal replies since its Sampooran’s village, he knew the happenings of this village. Ratan is shown driving documentary, Ranveera become overjoyed seeing their Biji in it. In the documentary, Ratan conveys a message to Sampooran, asks him to come back soon. All become emotional seeing this.

Nihaal in his home, with the red podli, he is restless. Takes a letter from the podli. In the letter, Samporas has written about how he saw her in village, the dupatta and their village. He further adds he cant believe she has forgiven her, he wants to re-start a new life with his Ratan, his kids and Chaiji, so he is coming back to them. Nihaal finishes reading the letter when Veera calls him. She asks him why is he taking long to come for dinner. She further says him if he doesn’t come, her Biji will come to his house to give him food. Nihal says he is coming soon. Ranveera playing at home, Phone rings, rattan answers the calls , she becomes shocked asks if anyone is hurt ? Nihaal is also there. Episode ends.

Pre-cap: Veera asking Chaiji where her (Chaiji’s ) husband is ? Asks if he is also lost just like her papaji?

Update Credit to: Roshani

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