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Veera 16th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gunjan waiting for Ranvi as its night. Ratan thinks Dilawar will not return the papers, I think he is doing some plans. Gunjan says maybe Ranvi came. Ratan thinks to talk to Ranvi, as its his work to calm his wife’s fears. Gunjan says someone came and called you at the village point, Dilawar wants to say something. Veera calls Ratan to say the same. Ratan goes there and sees Baldev and Veera arguing. Veera says I m fine. Baldev says I told her to rest and she did not listen to me. Ratan smiles and says would we sit at home being in her place. She says she does not believe Dilawar changed, she feels its his plan. Veera says even I feel the same, but Baldev is liking him as he saved our life.

Manjeet thinks why did Dilawar call everyone here without asking me. Dilawar comes

there and brings the papers. He apologizes to everyone and says Ratan asked me to show everyone that he has changed. He says he has changed after seeing Preeto fighting with death, he has got curses in order to earn money, he has hurt pind people and want to help them now. Ratan told me to return the lands to everyone, and I think she is right, but the thing will be better if I return the land and also forgive the loans, so I called you all here to return your rights, no farmer has loans now. Veera, Baldev, Ratan and Manjeet are shocked. Ratan thinks its his plan.

Dilawar says he wanted to give papers to sarpanch, but Ratan made me realize I was very wrong, so I want to give this to her. Ratan checks papers and says she did not believe Dilawar, but he has proved me wrong, all the farmers are free from the loans, and apologizes to Dilawar. Manjeet thinks what did this foolish man do. Everyone clap. Dilawar acts sweet and says she is Biji for the whole pind. People lift Dilawar and get happy.

Baldev says all the farmers got free, I want to thank Dilawar, he proved we should give chance to people to rectify mistake, pind is proud of him, we will celebrate the pind freedom tomorrow, we will dance and wear good clothes. Veera comes home and Baldev asks whom is she calling. Veera says Ranvi, he is not taking call. She says she is very happy and wants to tell everyone, its her dad’s dream that pind gets rid of loans, and my husband has done this. He smiles and says Ratan has done this, see how Dilawar fell on her feet. She says yes, Ratan has always given imp to pind, when our relation was not going well, Ratan has given me strength.

He asks her to stay at Ratan’s house and he will meet her in the jalsa, they will feel excited to meet and think what they are doing, anxious to see each other and dressing up well to please, then he will see her and walk to her, he misses the old days. Mahiya…………….plays…………… They smile and he goes to kiss her. She runs and laughs.

Manjeet comes to meet Dilawar and says he has become pind hero, she will not come again to meet a loser, she knew she can’t face Ratan and everyone, but she thought he is clever. She says he lost everything, Ratan has used him. Dilawar laughs. She says they thought to make Ratan lose, but he made her the pind queen, why is he smiling like mad. He says he never lose and has a plan. He calls her a loser and says she has lost every game, he has some plan in his mind, everything will get right tomorrow.

Its morning, Veera comes home and greets everyone. Bansuri asks did she fight again with Baldev. Veera says no, Baldev asked me to come directly in the function. Balwant says its excitement to meet after some gap and jokes on Bansuri. Ranvi comes there and hugs her. She asks how is she. Veera says its long story, I told Ratan and Gunjan not to tell anything. He says he is glad that their dad’s dream is done. Geet and Deepu come. Geet apologizes to Manjeet and says sorry, we got late, but there was nothing in our hand. Manjeet says did I say anything. Bansuri thinks why is she saying so, does she want to get Geet married to Ranvi. Ranvi says the bridge was under repair and they stayed at the hotel. Manjeet says I trust my bahu. Ranvi asks about Baldev. Veera says he has gone for doing arrangements of the function, he did not meet me.

Balwant says see they did not tell me, else even I would have met Bansuri after the function, as I wanted some peace. They all laugh. Ratan prays to safe her loved ones and pind from all the problems. The diya blows off and she gets worried.

Gunjan asks Ranvi to win the kabaddi game and see her face. Baldev smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. No, Veera is getting better but only because of the VeeBa moments! If Veera stays this way then it will be fine.

  3. Veera and baldev should not get separated

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