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The Episode starts with Rahul proposing Geet. Geet nods and everyone smile. Rahul makes her wear the ring and everyone clap. Veera says congrats and Rahul praises her. Gunjan hugs Baldev and says she is very happy. Rahul makes Geet have sweets. Gunjan asks Ranvi to have sweets. Veera takes sweets for Baldev and hands it in his hand. He apologizes to her and says you know I m always wrong, you are always right. She smiles. Mahiya……….plays………… They eat sweets.

Rahul asks Deepu can I talk to you. Deepu says I will be with Ranvi. Rahul talks to him, and Ranvi introduces himself and Gunjan. Balwant asks shall I get pandit and get wedding date. Rahul says even I wanted to talk, I have to go to make visa for Geet and Deepu, so if marriage can happen in 3 days, if you don’t have any problem…..

Baldev says we don’t have any objection, Geet and Rahul’s marriage will be in 3 days, we have less time now. Everyone smile. Geet finds Deepu sad.

Gunjan goes to talk to Geet and apologizes to her. Gunjan says it was not easy for me. She asks Geet to say anything, no one is here and she can scold her. Geet asks will you believe what I say. Gunjan says yes. Geet says there was nothing between me and Ranvi, I regarded him my Guru and respect him, your fear was justified, as you lost your child and does not wish to lose your husband, I did not feel its fake, I like that you are like kid and don’t pretend. Maybe Ranvi likes this about you, you are honest so you came to apologize to me.

Gunjan says she will do her shopping and makeup. Geet smiles. Ranvi sees this and smiles. Balwant asks what happened. Ranvi says I m very happy that Gunjan got smile back, she is with Geet and apologized with Geet. Balwant says its good, she rectified her mistake, its your turn now. Ranvi promises he will keep Gunjan very happy. Baldev hugs Veera and she says she is still annoyed. He says everything is fine now, don’t be annoyed. He holds her close and romances. Bansuri comes and he leaves Veera. Bansuri asks Veera to make salad, as she has already made the food.

Baldev tries to woo Veera and asks where shall I keep water. She says put it on my head. He really puts water on her head. She asks what is he doing, its limit of joke. He says you said it, I m doing as you say. He asks her to just love her. She shouts never. Mahiya………….plays………. He holds her close and hugs her. She pushes him and laughs. He says I will do what do you. She says you are very bad, you have put water on me. He says I m bad, but you love me.

Gunjan comes to her room and finds a beautiful saree kept on the bed. She smiles seeing her. Ranvi comes and asks how is it. She says she is more beautiful than her bridal dress. He says yes, and covers her with the saree end. He asks how is it looking, he has got this for her. She asks is this for me? And hugs him happily. She asks but why. He says for our marriage, why don’t we marry alongside Geet and Rahul.

He says he wants to marry her again, and teases her about second wedding night. She smiles. He proposes her and says he wants to marry her again, will she marry him. She says yes, 100 times. She kisses him and he hugs her. They smile. He asks her to do arrangements for Geet’s marriage and he will prepare for their marriage. They hug.

Deepu asks Ranvi not to leave her. Rahul comes and gets upset. He says he will leave, as Ranvi is needed me more than me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. stupid dipu…..

  2. It’s a child’s sentiment yaar khushi

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    1. You shutup if you dont wanna waych it then dont but keep your smelly gob closed because your options aren’t needed at the moment!

  4. Stupid episode and ikr Eera was just comentiang u don’t have to be a jerk

  5. Nice episode Veeba roxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mwahhhhhh love u

  6. Interesting episode but ??????

  7. Seriously. Ya’ll need to chill. Stop being so quick to insult everyone and being rude. It’s a show. A slow show. It’s the truth. And all soaps are are drama. Seriously. Chill and just enjoy. No need to jump at anyone’s throat.

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