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The Episode starts with Dhingra inviting Ranvi and Gunjan in a valentines party. She says thanks but we have other plans. He says this party can boost his career, many big people are coming. She says I will try. Ranvi does all arrangements and recalls Gunjan. He holds a gift and says this valentine will be best for us. Gunjan sees Mona talking about valentine party. She hears Mona saying many big music composes are coming. Gunjan thinks we won’t get such chance again, I have to convince Ranvi for this party. She calls Ranvi and tells about the party, she feels they should go. He says I also got Dhingra’s call, I refused him. She says we can celebrate valentines day later, does it matter? We can make contacts with people.

He says he can get work and make contacts by his talent. She says Dhingra

said if Ranvi attends this party, his career will be good. He says we will celebrate valentines day our style. She says what if I want to go there. He says you can go. Her phone batter goes and it gets off. He calls back again and thinks she got angry and ended call. She says Ranvi said I can go in party of I want. Veera leaves a note and thinks Baldev will come to me. She leaves. Bansuri tries checking the note. Bansuri reads the note while Baldev walks to his room. Veera asks Baldev to meet her at polyhouse. Baldev comes and says Biji. Bansuri gets tensed and hides the letter. Baldev reads the old note and Veera looks on smiling and thinking he read her third note.

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She asks did he read it. He says yes and I understood also. She says now he will surely come to meet me. She tells Bansuri that she has to go for imp work. Bansuri sends her and says Baldev did not get this note, you just wait for him there, I will make a plan that you don’t come back here. Veera waits at polyhouse and says when Baldev comes here, I will make him sure that I love him a lot. Ranvi waits for Gunjan and says he won’t make her helpless, if she wants to go in party then fine, I will leave this decision for her.

He lights a candle and says I love you a lot Gunjan, if my love is true, then you will come before this candle blows off. Veera thinks why did Baldev not come till now and calls Jaggi. He asks him to find out where is Baldev and will he come or not. Jaggi says he will find out soon. Ranvi does not let the candle blow off.

Billa and Jaggi see Baldev and ask what happened, why are you sitting alone here. Billa takes his wallet and takes some money saying its valentine day and we are taking our GFs out, we will return money. Baldev says fine, go. They ask about Veera, did she not make any program. Baldev says yes, she did not and gets angry. Jaggi calls Veera and asks is she sure he read the note. She says yes, I have seen it. Jaggi says Baldev does not have chit and he does not know your plan, do something to call him, tell me if you need our help. She says fine, let me think. She thinks what to do, as Baldev does not know he has to come here.

She says everything will be waste, I have to call him, but how. Bansuri thinks why did Baldev not come, did Veera call him. Baldev come sand she starts her drama. She acts like getting shock and Baldev runs to her. She shows her hand burnt and he takes her. Ranvi cries seeing the candle near its end. Gunjan comes and says Ranvi, where are you going. Ranvi turns and smiles seeing her.

She says Gunjan is always with Ranvi and smiles. He hugs her happily. Bansuri says I was not getting light, I told Veera to call electrician and she went somewhere. He calls out Veera. She says I told you she went out. He says lets go to doctor. She says I m fine. Ranvi says I knew you will come. She says you are the reason of my life, I thank you for loving me after all my foolish things. He says its not just name linked to you, but also my breath, I m nothing without you, I love you a lot. He hugs her.

Baldev sees the fuse and the power comes. He says where is Veera and gets her call. She shouts Baldev save me, I m at polyhouse. He says I m coming and rushes. He reaches the polyhouse and shouts Veera. She plays music. He sees the beautiful decorations and hears RJ talking about valentines day. Veera makes a call to RJ and confesses her love to Baldev. She says I want him to find me, and realize my love.

Ranvi makes Gunjan wear a ring. Veera asks Baldev to give her right to give her love to him.

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