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Veera 16th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera asking Baldev about giving things for free to people and making them greedy. He asks her to dance, and Balwant sends Ranvi and Gunjan for dance. Gunjan says the more we run, they will ask us to dance. Veera sees them upset and signs Baldev. Baldev and Veera make Ranvi and Gunjan dance. Ranvi happily dances and Ratan smiles. Bansuri says did Baldev forget what Veera did, and pind people forget what Ranvi did by stealing song. Manjeet says its not right time to do anything, everyone is happy.

Ranvi tells Ratan that everyone loves them. Veera hugs Ratan and says Baldev has helped them. Ratan says Baldev is helping pind, but his way is wrong, people will get lazy and now realize right or wrong. Ranvi says he is doing like politicians do to get votes. Veera says she has an

idea and says they will celebrate Baisakhi in their childhood way and asks Ranvi to make the people recall what they forgot, by singing a song.

He says it won’t be fine, as I got the news that everyone finds me wrong here. Veera says you know you are right, then your song can’t be wrong, and one who is true is not worried of future, sing the song, trust me, they will like me. She asks him to be with pride and not bow down with shame. He agrees and sings the song Dharti sunehri Ambar neela………… har mausam rangeela………… aisa des hai mera……………. Everyone smile.

He thanks everyone for giving him so much love, and says he knows whats said about him is not right. He says maybe they are mistaken about him, but he knows they all are his family, and they will always be with them. He says thanks for being with me always and thanks Veera. He says she is 7 years younger than me but elder to me in sense, she always did what is good for me and pind, and showed me right way, she is always with me, and she said right this time, everything will be fine.

Kohli asks Baldev to see what Ranvi is campaigning for Veera. Baldev looks on. Ranvi says he has his family and does not want anything else. Ranvi says lets start the song now. He continues the song. Kohli gets some men there, who start throwing tomatoes at Ranvi. Everyone is shocked. The man says he is thief and they will not hear his song. Bansuri and Manjeet smile. The man says he is defaming pind. Ratan says he is not from pind, who is this man. Gunjan goes to Ranvi, and they hurt her too. Ranvi beats the men and asks how dare he touch Gunjan.

The goons beat Ranvi, and Baldev stops them. The goons run away and Ranvi gets much hurt. Baldev runs after the goons. Ranvi says I m fine. Veera says this is the limit, I will talk now. Baldev catches the goons and asks him who has sent him. Kohli comes there and says I have sent him. Baldev is shocked and asks whats the need to do all this, I was winning. Kohli says he is mistaken, its tough competition, Ranvi is using our hardwork to do Veera’s campaign and she can do anything to win. Baldev says why did they throw tomatoes, Veera did not harm anyone, I would have beaten you if you did not help me.

Kohli gets Bhatia’s call and says Baldev to see what Veera is doing, we should have invested in her plans, she is clever, her brother got hurt and she is using this. Veera talks to everyone and clears Ranvi’s name from the matter. Baldev comes and looks on how Veera is using this chance to get votes. Kohli fills his ears against Veera and Ranvi. Baldev gets angry and leaves. Kohli calls Oberoi and says work is done, Baldev is not able to control Veera so I have filled his ears against her, now he will do as we say. Oberoi asks him to break Veera and Baldev’s unity.

Veera asks Ranvi to come home, she will do the first aid, she will tell Baldev. She thinks how did Baldev leave her and go, after all this. Ranvi comes home and tells Veera to go, as his aid is done. Veera says Baldev went when goons came, I don’t know what to do. Ranvi says when elections get over, everything will be fine. She says Baldev is not telling me anything. Ranvi pacifies her and asks her not to overthink. She says she is not worried, everything is not shattered, she is really over thinking.

Baldev tells Veera that he wants to forget everything and he wants his wife back. Veera and Ranvi look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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