Veera 15th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 15th October 2013 Written Episode, Veera 15th October 2013 Written Update

Though its her birthday and the kids have instructed her not to work at all, Ratan gets into the kitchen to cook but Chaiji objects. Ratan and Chaiji run around the house when kids too arrive and laugh seeing them. Ratan asks what they have bought to which the kids deny telling her and push her in her room while they prepare for her surprise.

The kids are preparing for the birthday surprise while Ratan tries to sneak to check what they are upto but fails. Ranveera cook dinner together. Chaiji gets Ratan downstairs where Ranveera has set the table. Instead of cake, they make her cut jaggery bar and since it’s too hard, Veera makes Ratan use a hammer to cut it. Ranveera also enacts a small skit where Veera plays Ratan while Ranvi plays Moti Chaiji. Everyone is enjoying when all of a sudden Chaiji falls sick and they rush her to the hospital.

Doctors informs Ratan that Chaiji has suffered a heart attack and there are blockages in her artery so she’ll have to take Chaiji to Delhi to get a bypass surgery done. Ratan gets worried when she’s informed that it will cost Upto 3-4 lacs as everyone is in financial crunch. Balwant is there too and assures her that he’ll help her. Meanwhile Ranveera tries to wake Chaiji but her health deteriorates and doctors informs them that they’ll have to rush Chaiji to Delhi as she needs to be operated in 24 hours. Ratan and Ranveera gets worried and Ratan decides she’ll take Chaiji to Delhi tonight itself.

Balwant is worried and is trying to arrange for funds. Bansuri is not too happy but Balwant is adamant to help her. Ratan comes to meet Balwant and informs him about the urgency of the situation. She asks Balwant to mortgage her land for money.

Chaiji tells Ratan that she doesn’t want to get operated but Ratan tells her that she has lost much in life and can’t afford to loose her now.

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