Veera 15th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 15th March 2014 Written Episode, Veera 15th March 2014 Written Update

Biji clean his home and chaiji comes. As she says something, they both stood surprisingly and viewing veera. she is totally colorful. Chaiji says, if you colour me then i will beat you. Veera run towards chaiji and chaiji also run. Gunjan sees everybody and goes from outside of house. Veera spy to gunjan.
Gunjan calls to jagjit. Gunjan says, i am not well and i need your help. Please help me and i want to marry you. Jagjit says, i also want to marry with you and i will get rid of all this. As gunjan gives the money for call, veera heard the amount then she calls gunjan. Gunjan has changed the topic and then she goes to house.
Veera has called on same number then she says, i am warning you, if you again do something wrong then i will not leave you. Veera says, if something done wrong by gunjan

then i will let her allow.
Jagjit says to khurana ji, i will not leave veera and ranveer and i will totally destroy them.
Holi program starts and biji and chaiji comes and ask about sarpanch ji’s health.
Ranveer and gunjan takes blessings of sarpanchji and he gives them but as they take blessing from bansari ji, she moved away. Veera is crying in her heart.
Biji says to ranveer and gunjan, lets go from here because we have to go at gurudwara. Veera says, me and gunjan bhabi will come later. Veera says, i want truth gunjan bhabi. I dont want you as my bhabi, i want to leave your marriage and i will not allow to spoil my veerji life.
Gunjan says, your veerji wants to marry with me and nobody will begging in front of you. I cant live you in that house and you and your veerji has taken profit from my situation and infact i had rejected your veerji’s proposal.
Veera says, if we love some animal then it will become obedient to us but i dont know you are made of which garbage. how could you do this. I am feeling shame on myself,why i saved you. I think about my veerji that why i saved you.
Gunjan says, you cant do anything infact you cannot prove anything. Veera says, dont take wrong perception.
Veera play the recording of manoj and says, i will tell everything to whole pind peoples but i dont want to hurt my veerji. I am giving you last chance for living proper life with my veerji, otherwise you could understand what will i do.

Precap:- Ranveer says to gunjan, happy holi. ranveer find his wallet but unfortunately color spread on gunjan’s hair. they look each other.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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