Veera 15th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 15th July 2013 Written Episode, Veera 15th July 2013 Written Update

Ratan is buying vegetables when Kartaar comes to her and tells her about Gurpreet going away forever. Ratan is shocked on learning that. Nihaal comes and tells her that Ranvi wants to talk to her when he comes back home. Ratan keeps asking Nihaal what about, but Nihaal says he does not know, but Ratan is very eager. Kartaar is jealous and tries to go away, when Ratan stops him and says she shall make food for him now. Kartaar calls Ratan by her name and Ratan asks him why he doesn’t call her ‘Parjayi Ji’ anymore. Kartaar quickly says its because calling her that reminds him of Sampooran and makes him sad. Ratan buys it, and says he can call her just Ratan, but the relation between them won’t change. Kartaar is determined to get Ratan.

On the other hand, school time is over and Ranvi is taking

Veera home when she says she first wants to go to Sunny’s house to apologize to his dad for breaking the vide game. Ranvi wants to go home to talk to Ratan, but agrees because of Veera. Ranvi’s friend also hears this and consoles Veera that she will be forgiven.

Baldev is sitting with his friend, trying to fix his video game and telling him about how he can not complain to his father about Veera when Ranvi’s friend comes and tells him that he and Veera are going to Sunny’s house to apologize. He gets scared his lie will be caught and so runs after them.

At home, Ratan and Nihaal come home and Chai Ji asks her why she is making two different items for food. She says she is making Chole Bature. Chai Ji asks but why the pooris? Before Ratan can answer, she understands that she did this because Veera can not have Maida. She is very happy to know that Ratan has accepted Veera, but Ratan refuses once again, saying she will never accept Veera because then Sampooran’s coming or not coming would mean the same thing. She said she is doing all this because Veera is Ranvi’s sister and she does not want to lose Ranvi. Chai ji is dissapointed. Chai ji sees Nihaal in front of Sampooran’s picture, his hands joined together.

Gunjan, Veera and Ranveer apologize to Sunny’s father as Baldev hides behind the house and looks on. His father says Sunny has no video game and calls Sunny, who confirms the same. Baldev who is scared, quickly jumps forward laughing saying he was making them a fool by saying the video game belonged to Sunny, he was joking to scare Ranvi and Veera. Sunny and his father exit. Ranvi is angry that Baldev lied. Baldev tries to threaten Veera to never touch his things again, but Ranvi grabs his hand with which he was going to point at Veera and tells him he should never dare to threaten Veera again. Baldev grabs Gunjan’s hand and leaves.

Ratan at home is waiting for the children as they have run late. She sees Veera’s frock on the washing line, she quickly grabs it and folding it, places it with the pile. The children come in and Chai ji announces their return. Ranvi quickly goes and hugs Ratan, who hugs him back lovingly. Veera is happy to see this and runs to join the hug. Ratan ignores Veera as Chai ji watches on sadly. Ranvi places Ratan’s hand on Veera’s head and hugs her again. After sometime, Ratan removes her hand from Veera’s head, making her break the hug. A sad, dejected Veera walks back and goes upstairs telling Ranvi she is going to change.

Ratan asks Ranvi if he has forgiven her, if he now understands her. Ranvi says he completely understands her and that sometimes you love someone but you can not show it. He says he understands how even when someone loves someone, its not important they love them back. Ratan and Chai ji are shocked listening to his words and Ratan inquires from him who taught him such big words. Ranvi tells them that it was Nihaal who was talking about the woman he loves, who he can not get. Ratan says she will pray that Nihaal gets the woman he loves. Chai Ji looks on angrily at Nihaal’s mention. Ranvi in his heart says he will pray that Ratan starts to accept Veera.

Precap: Veera in Baldev’s house, sitting against a wall crying badly. Ranvi and everyone comes to a hysterical Veera and ask whats wrong. She says Baldev pushed her. Basari and Balwant come and he asks whats wrong when Veera repeats what happened, Bansari says it was just kids messing around but Veera says she saw Baldev playing with money. Balwant catches Baldev trying to hide the money behind his back.

Update Credit to: ElmoFuj

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