Veera 15th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 15th January 2013 Written Episode, Veera 15th January 2013 Written Update

Ranvi says why r u crying chaiji says nothing chaiji says I will go to market till then u hide your kurti aside ranvi says why beeji got such a gud kurta for me and plain dupatta for veera… chaiji says why r u talking like this she got the admissions papers na… then we see rattan in kitchen she says chaiji give milk to both veera and ranvi but ranvi says call us ranveera it sounds gud.. and then he says we all have holiday why don’t u have but rattan says I will go and join hands and come… she also asks him about the kurti and its fitting ranvi confused but chaiji handles it and then veera says what did u get for me and rattan says to chaiji to show her the dress… and rattan goes… veera says sorry I could not keep quite… and chaiji says u take care of her I will… Get a new kurti for u from market

[Nihal scene]
Nihal asks for doc in village but the person says u will have to go a little far and then he sees ratan in tractor

[Chaiji scene]
She is at shop looking for same type of kurta the shop guy show him many but chaiji does not like it… she argues with him the shop owner asks what kind of dupatta and she describes it and he says its tough to get the same one… just then a helper comes and says from the last stock which is left we may get same one and shop owner says but chaiji says no I don’t want to but shop keeper insists… and finally chaiji gets the kurti she also takes a pink duppatta(loved her reactions)

[Gurpreet kartar and chaiji scene]
Kartar is taking her to gurudwara but suddenly she gets pain … kartar runs to get medicine and he tells chaiji to take care of her… chaiji says to gurpreet to take care of her self as she is not the only one whom god didn’t bless with kid she explains her that even kartar is feeling bad he also loves kids and ranvi is his life u think is must be feeling so bad he needs u I says u forget everything and keep hi happy and support each other gurpreet says he is not near me how do I support him chaiji says u need to trust… him this bad thinking about t him and rattan is wrong I know rattan…, she loves u she treats u like sister u should not listen to villagers and whatever u told her has hurt her….today is lohri mend things between u and see u will feel better just then kartar comes chaiji says take her home now and she leaves… kartar says lets go

[Ratans house]
Ratan comes in call ranvi and chaiji veera comes in and says chaiji is not there rattan says why r u speaking in low voice she says your sleeping na and rattan wakes up and holds her forehead veera asks is your head paining shall I apply balm ratan says no its just paining and veera runs and gets water for her… ratan takes its and drinks it veera happy ratan asks did u wear your salwar and kurti u saw it veera says I didn’t know u got such a nice dupatta… even veerji didn’t tell me she says make one dupatta for my doll na ratan says will make later now I am tired and veera says ok I will go and find a dupatta

Part 2
Chaiji comes and goes upstairs ratan sees this and stops her and asks where was she chaiji on the other hand veera is busy finding dupatta… chaiji says why are u standing get me lassi ratan says its cold I will get tea and she tells her to sit.. chaiji again tries to go but rattan again catches her rattan says u should have come to khet she says I will cum tomorrow… ratan says veera wanted to see her dupatta and chaiji says I will get the dry clothes and ratan says I got them already….

Veera still finding dupatta and chaiji trying to fool ratan and she tells upstairs na all clothes are fallen down go collect them and takes her upstairs and just the veera come wearing dupatta and asks how am I looking moti chaiji.. she turns around and sees and is shocked ratan sad to see this and she also sees ranvis kurta veera smiling…

Precap- ranveera holding ears and doing up down and ratan says no need to do this she tells them to leave ranvi asks did u forgive us… and ratan says go

Update Credit to: Rashu

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