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Veera 15th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Balwant and Bansuri arguing. He asks her to do all the work and she will not get her bahu. He leaves. Bansuri plans and says she will do her work what she thought. Ratan gets ready and looks for everyone. She calls Ranvi and Gunjan to come soon, they have to do puja in fields and then go in Baisakhi fair. Ranvi and Gunjan get ready and come. Gunjan says should we go out today, I think press will be there. Ranvi says we have to face them, till when will we sit at home. Ratan says yes, media can give any news, don’t worry, our problems will be gone, now smile. Ranvi teases Gunjan and makes her smile. He says lets go.

Baldev thinks about Veera’s words and sees a necklace he bought for her. She comes to him and looks annoyed. She gets ready and wears earrings. Baldev says this

gift is for you, happy Baisakhi. She takes it and says thanks. She keeps it on the table. He gets annoyed and leaves. She sees the box. Bansuri sees Baldev upset and says he is sad since h got married. Manjeet asks what happened now. They fill his ears against Veera. Veera comes there and wears the necklace he gifted her. Baldev sees her and smiles. He asks did she wear it. She says yes, its very beautiful. He says its looking good on you. She asks them to come now. She says I will remove the stone in my shoe. Baldev says we will come. Bansuri and Manjeet leave. Veera says there is no stone, I got this gift, and gifts him. they smile. He opens the gift and sees a watch. He wears it and shows her.

Balwant comes there in new look, and they all ask what did he do. They smile seeing him look young. Baldev teases him. They all go in the fair. Everyone dance and like the arrangements by Baldev. The shops put up there are having costly items and no one are able to buy any item, and they get sad. Everyone compliment Baldev for the fair. The ladies say the things are put costly here and get angry. Manjeet asks Veera how did she like the fair. Veera says its very good. Baldev sees Kohli and goes to talk to him.

Baldev talks to Kohli and asks him to do something, as people look dull in festival. Ratan and Ranvi come with Gunjan. They greet people. Veera greets them and says they will not go anywhere. She wishes them happy baisakhi, and asks Ranvi why is he beind afraid of people, he did not do anything wrong. He says its not like that, pind people are not trusting me. She says they are shocked seeing news on tv, if you believe normal, they will also forget. Ratan says yes, they are like family.

Veera says if they are not talking to us, we will talk to them and end the annoyance. Ranvi smiles and says come. They talk to guests. Oberoi’s manager fills Baldev’s ears against Veera. Baldev gets irked seeing them. The man says do as I said, distribute smiles, we will invest money. Baldev says fine, maybe this will be right. Baldev talks to villagers and says his friends kept costly stalls and they are unable to afford, he can’t see them sad, so he requests them to buy one item each for free and don’t worry for money, its gift for Baisakhi from his side. They all clap for him.

The people rush to the shops. Balwant asks Veera who is doing these finances. Veera says I don’t know how he managed. He says I will ask him. Bansuri and Manjeet smile. Baldev asks everyone to dance. He dances with them. He tells Veera that now they look happy. She says its good he cares for them, but how is he managing this, this can be problem for him later. He thinks

The people get angry and call Ranvi a thief. They hurt Gunjan and Ranvi and Baldev beat them. Baldev asks the goons who has sent you. Kohli says I have sent them and Baldev is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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