Veera 14th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Veera 14th May 2013 Written Episode, Veera 14th May 2013 Written Update

Nihal asks Ranvi who asked him to do something so extreme. Ranvi denies being provoked but Nihal is angry and says he knows its Baldev and his friends as he saw them. Nihal says he’ll tell everything to Ratan but Ranvi begs him to not to do so. He even begs with him to not tell anything to Baldev’s parents too. Nihal relents with a promise that Ranvi will never do something like this again and Ranvi swears. Nihal takes Ranvi home.

Ratan is looking for clothes to be worn in the village girl Nimmo’s wedding. Veera is checking the things with Ratan and keeps questioning about various jewelery pieces. Nihal comes with Ranvi and Veera and Ratan gets worried seeing Ranvi. They asks how did he hurt himself but Ranvi is skeptical to answer. Nihal answers for him saying he was tensed and stumbled on his

way. Veera gets turmeric for Ranvi and Ratan applies it on his wound. Ratan asks why was he so worried as he studied well. Ranvi cries in Ratan’s arms and says he don’t think he’ll pass. Nihal asks the kids to go to their room. Ratan is worried and Nihal tells her everything on the condition that she’ll not tell anything to Ranvi.

Ranvi is feeling guilty while Veera is concerned and asks if she could get anything for him but he denies. Ranvi is sad and Veera tries to cheer him up.

Ratan is shocked with the news of Ranvi trying to change the scores in results but Nihal tries to placate her. Ratan is angry on Ranvi but Nihal says she should calm down and speak to Ranvi in an understanding manner. Ratan sees the point but is worried if he fails this year he’ll be expelled. Nihal volunteers to tutor Ranvi and Ratan agrees hesistantly. Nihal also tells Ratan to spend more time with kids and to stay happy with them so they don’t get worried seeing her tensed. Ratan agrees and Nihal leaves.

It’s morning and kids are getting ready for school. Ratan asks Ranvi to not to be worried everything would be fine. In her room, Ratan is praying for Ranvi’s results saying she knows its difficult for Ranvi to pass and Veera hears all this. Veera too comes and prays for Ranvi to ask that Ranvi gets her marks too. Ratan hears it and says it’s not possible. Veera says if Ratan can wish to get all of Ranvi’s worries why can’t she do the same. Ratan replies it’s because Ranvi is her son and its possible between the mother and the son. TO which Veera says that Ranvi is her ‘anokhi ma’ so its possible. Ratan is shocked.

In the school everyone is getting their results. The teacher calls for GUnjan’s name and she passes the exam. He calls for another student and he has failed, kids laugh. The teacher than calls for Ranvi who is very tensed.

Update Credit to: euphoric

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