Veera 14th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 14th March 2014 Written Episode, Veera 14th March 2014 Written Update

Ranveer says to gunjan, what are you doing with all these jewellery? Gunjan says, i said to biji that i will place these jewellery in bank very safely. Gunjan says, you really know about bank. Ranveer goes into bank then gunjan came and sent ranveer back to car.
Bank manager check the jewellery and says, i will check all jewellery then i will tell you, how much amount will you get for loan.
Manager says, now due to this loan get help your husband. Gunjan says to herself, now i will show you ranveer. Baldev and his friends do mysterious work and make trouble for people and make fun of them. Baldev friend’s tell that there is big program organised at ranver home. They says, praji, did they tell you?
Veera come and says, we are organising program and i am inviting you for it. baldev

says, girls wording is alway opposite. Baldev says, your mind is really like seed. I will definitely gone at veera home.
Gunjan says to chaiji, i have cooked mustard. Biji and chaiji gives compliment for it. Chaiji says, i will serve this for veera, she really likes it. Biji says, now go and take rest. we will do holi dahan at night.
Gunjan got a call. She says, it is from outside. She picks up the phone and it is jagjit’s call.
Jagjit says, veera has spoiled everything. I have seen you as my wife and i think about you always. Gunjan says, i will get rid of this relation. Veera gives invitation to pind wales and play holi with children.
Baldev friends says, will veera not play holi with you. Baldev says, oye she will play holi with me tomorrow. Baldev friends says, dont forget that you have told from veera’s mouth, i love you. Baldev says, oye, she will speak. Baldev takes dream.
Veera read a letter of movie. Baldev friends about it. Baldev says, its love language, you cant understand. Baldev says, oye she had spoken i love you. She only read the letter but she speaking to me. Gunjan comes in kitchen. Biji says, you have to do some kitchen work then you and ranveer have to go to gurudwara.
Ranveer come and says, may i help you. Biji says, today arent you going to farmland. now go and bring some item from market. GUnjan says, i dont know how to cook kada prasad. Gunjan says, i will come after taking bath. Baldev says, come and give me champi at my head. Bansari says, first of all i will finish my work then i will do it. You are not married. Baldev says, she cant handle all this. you will divide your work with her. Bansari says, oye who is she. baldev says, veeee…
Baldev takes a dream in which veera and bansari ji fights. Bansari ji says, you taking side for that girl which is not came at our house. I will not cook food for you. Gunjan show anger and think about bansari wording. She says, i will take my freeedom back.

Precap:- veera tries to play with chaiji and gunjan goes somewhere then veera saw her.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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