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The Episode starts with Gunjan saying she wants to be with Ranvi. He says he will just meet Veera and come, and asks her to watch a movie till then. She asks him to stay if he loves her. He says he loves her a lot without any condition and goes. Balwant and Bansuri tell Geet about Rahul. Baldev says Rahul is ready to accept Deepu. Deepu comes smiling. Rahul says I think Deepu and I will become good friends. She says we will see if you keep your promise of keeping my Biji always happy. Baldev asks Rahul what did he think. Rahul says it happened so soon, I did not think this will go so ahead, I liked your family a lot.

He says Geet and I don’t know each other, but I have seen simplicity in her. Veera met me in Gurudwara and I came here, I think its Lord’s wish, and agrees to marry Geet. Baldev says

congrats and everyone smile. Rahul says he has promised Deepu that he will keep her happy and asks her to just look at him once, if she sees honesty in him, then say yes, else say no. Manjeet gets angry. Balwant asks Geet her decision. Geet looks at Rahul. Baldev comes to Veera and says he has got a good news.

He says Rahul has agreed to marry Geet. She says they should meet often and then decide. He says even Geet said yes for marriage, as Rahul is friendly with Deepu. She says no, I will talk to her, if she is not ready, we should give her some time. He says no need, she has decided this. They have an argument over Geet. Baldev argues with Veera, and Ranvi looks at them shocked. Veera says I want to talk to Ranvi. Baldev stops her angrily. Ranvi shouts Baldev….

Ranvi and Baldev argue and Baldev taunts him. Veera goes to talk to Geet. Ranvi goes to her. Veera says I know you love me a lot, don’t talk anything in between. Veera and Baldev argue for Gunjan. He asks her to think about Gunjan first, then Geet and Rahul. Bansuri looks on and scolds Veera and Ranvi. She says he can’t get two people marry against their wish, will they be happy by hurting anyone. Gunjan gets sad. Baldev asks her to agree and there is no option.

Bansuri scolds Veera that she will make Rahul refuse for Geet, and then bring Geet in Ranvi’s life, so that Geet can give him a child. Veera says how can he think so. Bansuri says fine, prove it. Bansuri asks Veera can’t she see Gunjan’s pain, how can she sacrifice her happiness to get Geet’s happiness. Gunjan says she does not doubt Ranvi, but she has no trust on Geet, I request you not to go to Rahul. Baldev scolds Veera. Veera asks them to understand, she does not want to stop the marriage, but know is Rahul sure of her decision. Baldev asks if Ranvi gets away from Gunjan, then.. you worry for others, not loved ones. She says I m your wife, you are mistaken, you think I will hurt Gunjan. She goes. Ranvi says he is quiet as Veera asked him, it does not mean I think she is wrong.

He says they all are not understanding, and asks him to think about Veera. Baldev asks him to worry for Gunjan, just see her, is she looking happy, like Veera is valuable to you, Gunjan is valuable to me, if anyone hurts her, I will not forget you and Veera.

Baldev stops Veera while she is going to meet Rahul, and asks is she going as his wife and Ranvi’s wife. She says I m going as this house’s bahu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh !! what a boring serial even to read the excerpts ! How can anyone sit and watch this serial for 30 minutes is beyond me.

  2. walahi this serial is always in tension, not good

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