Veera 14th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Veera 14th January 2013 Written Episode, Veera 14th January 2013 Written Update

Ranvi is thinking why his beeji is differentiating between him and Veera when she is beeji for both. Veera calls him to have food. Ranvi hides the ordinary duppatta. Veera asks why he has a new kurtha with him. Ranvi tells her that beeji bought it as they are going to celebrate Lohri tomorrow. Veera insists him to tell what beeji had bought for her. She starts looking for her chunri. Ranvi says beeji will give it to her tomorrow. Veera cross questions him (Why did beeji didn’t give it to me today when she gave your kurtha to you). Ranvi tells it a special and different kind of chunri. He says not to tell beeji as she wanted him to keep it as a secret. Veera assures that he will not get any scoldings due to her and calls him to have food once again. Ranvi asks her to be silent. He is worried as he told Veera that her chunri is the best.

Gurpreet asks Kartar why he took so much time. Nihaal enters their home. Kartar introduces him to Gurpreet as their new tenant. He shows Nihaal the way to his room. Gurpreet asks about Nihaal. Kartar tells that he allowed Nihaal to stay in their home as tenant as they were searching for a one. Gurpreet notices that Kartar is upset and asks whether he stopped mid-way. Kartar tells her to ask him directly as did he go to Ratan’s house. He informs her that Ratan had forbid him from entering their home and broke all relations with them as Gurpreet behaved badly with her. Kartar offers her food to eat.

Its night time. Veera is holding Ranvi’s hands and sleeping. Title song is playing in the background. Ranvi gets up, uses a torch to go to his beeji’s room. He searches for the dupatta and kurtha and brings it to their room. Ranvi is under a blanket. Under the torch light, he cuts the lace from his kurta and pastes it on Veera’s dupatta. Ranvi is happy to see his work.

Nihaal tells Kartar that the food is good. He says that the room is airy and has ample light. Actually this room’s plan was suggested by Sampooran. Kartar starts to tell but cuts it off in middle. He wants Nihaal to tell about himself. Nihaal says he is from Jalandhar. Kartar asks about the members in his family. Nihaal is silent. Kartar asks him to tell the true reason behind his visit to Pritampura. Nihaal says he is here to meet Sampooran as he had told him about the greatness of their village and also to return the money. Kartaar gets doubtful as Sampooran would have not hidden any dealings regarding such a huge amount from him. Nihaal tells Kartaar that he loves Sampooran so much. Kartar says its past. But Nihaal asks him not to say so as dil ka rishtha kabhi tootega nahi. Nihaal tells him that he can see the love he has for Sampooran today though he is angry at Sampooran for hurting his feelings. Kartaar leaves the room.

Chaiji is asking Ranvi and Veera to get up early as its Lohri. She asks Ranvi to wear the kurtha and show it to her so that she can make alterations if needed. Ranvi asks her to go out as he needs to change. Chaiji refuses to go out saying she had seen him without clothes so its not a problem if he removes his kurtha before her. Ranvi requests her to go out saying that he had become a big boy. He takes time to change. Finally Ranvi calls her in. Chaiji laughs at him. Ranvi has worn a dupatta covering the neck so that she could not see the lace that he has removed. He shouts at her as she tries to remove the chunri saying it’s not to be worn by boy/man.

Ranvi is not able to prevent Chaiji removing the chunri. Chaiji is shocked to see the torn kurtha. Ratan asks Chaiji to wake up the kids. Ranvi gets tensed as Chaiji is taking him to beeji. He stops her and tells what he did to the kurtha. Chaiji tells that he should have not torn the kurtha bought by his beeji specially for Lohri. Ranvi says that even Beeji did a mistake as she bought ordinary chunri for Veera.

Precap: Ratan asks Ranvi to check if the new kurtha is fitting him properly. Chaiji and Ranvi in thoughts.

Update Credit to: seelaks

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