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The Episode starts with Gunjan performing well and the producer choosing her saying she will be the first one to perform with her rockstar husband. She asks Aarti about her leaving her dancing career. Aarti says she got pregnant and left the career, I was not ready to leave kid and work, I was not a big celebrity that they value me. Gunjan gets tensed. Aarti says I will to see food arrangements and leaves.

Gunjan sees the producer and calls the clinic to take another appointment. Its night, Veera thinks about the doctor’s words to give medicines to Baldev and asks Bansuri to give the milk glass, she will give him. Bansuri says why, I will take it. Veera thinks she can mix the medicine in it. She makes the flour mixup and asks Bansuri to go and take the call. She quickly adds the medicine in Baldev’s

milk glass and feels bad to not tell him doing so. Bansuri comes back and asks Veera did she mix anything in milk, why are you staring at the glass. Veera denies. Bansuri says I will know it if you do so and leaves with the milk glass.

Veera gets relieved. She hides and looks on as Bansuri insists Baldev to have the milk. Baldev drinks the milk and Veera smiles. Baldev sleeps peacefully and she lies by her side. She smiles and thinks she has done all the arrangements. Its morning, Baldev wakes up and finds the flowers around him. He sees all the petals on the floor. He gets Veera’s love note and sees her surprises. He does not get happy. He throws everything in bin and Veera cries seeing this.

Gunjan practices well and Mona gets tensed seeing her confidence. Dolly says lets take a 10mins break. Gunjan cancels her appointment. She gets a note that whatever she is hiding, I know it. She asks who gave you this, and the girl runs.

Baldev sees many more gifts as he opens his cupboard. Veera looks on. Baldev sees the sweet love show piece and Bansuri sees Veera standing at the door and looking inside, and she should find out whats going on. Baldev gets another note that Veera prays the time to stop here, she loves him. He recalls their love moments. Bansuri makes something fall and Veera goes to see. Baldev keeps the gift back and leaves out.

Bansuri asks him to come and have breakfast. He says no, I have some work and gets angry. She goes to his room and sees flowers all over. She says whats going on, whats all this, Veera did this for Baldev. She says she has to find out.

Gunjan keeps on getting surprises and Ranvi appears infront of her smiling. They thank each other. He kisses her and thanks her for always being with him. He says he saw she was getting very tensed, and it looked like she really did some mistake. She says its good surprise, I forgot the valentines day. He says he is surfing net since morning to surprise her. He gives her a rose and she smiles. He sits on his knees and everyone look on. He asks will you be my valentine. She smiles and says her answer is yes.

Ranvi says we will go to Dhaba, we have many memories there. They kiss and smile. He says I will leave, come soon. She gets relieved and says Ranvi does not know anything. Jaggi tells Veera that Billa is doing all the arrangements. She says everything should be as per plan. Bansuri looks on. Jaggi says he will read the address note, just get him there. Veera says I want to give happiness to him. Bansuri says I know everything, I will ruin your plan, Baldev will not reach there, you celebrate alone, Baldev will not come.

Veera says I will make Baldev sure of my love. Balsuri starts acting as if she got electrocuted and Baldev runs to save her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. is dis what is left for???
    bansuri leaves no chance to ruin veera life

  2. Plz veera ke life me kuch to acha karo….
    its shw is getng boring now…plz enx ths trck soon….

  3. Speed up the show

  4. Vera is a very intelligent girl and it is hightime she understands Basuri’s intention and the way she is influencing Balder and take that first. She should have guessed by now Bansuri is responsible for all her plans failing. Bansuri is such a horrible mother who is not interested in her son’s welfare and health.

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