Veera 14th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 14th February 2013 Written Episode, Veera 14th February 2013 Written Update

At night, Ratan Hears Veera speaking in sleep, Veera calls for Rv telling she is so scared, asks him to come and save her. Seeing this Ratan becomes worried, goes to Veera, puts her hand on her, Veera catches her hand. Veera is holding Ratan’s hands tightly. Ratan Tries to takes her hand off from her, but unable to do so. Veera wakes up, asks Ratan to stay with her, Ratan asks her why is she scared, and makes Veera drink water. Rtan tells Veera that if she takes God’s name and sleep nothing will happen to her. Ratan is about to go, Veera calls her asking ratn to sleep beside her today as she is scared. Ratan tells her she shouldn’t be scared when her Veerji is with her. An innocent Veera tells hers veerji is in one side but no one is in other (showing her left hand side). She further asks Ratan

if she could sleep next to her when Maataji (referring to chicken pox) has come, why can’t she now? Ratan tells her she will stay there till she (Veera) falls asleep.

Ratan sits besides Veera in bed; Veera happily tells that she isn’t scared anymore. She further tells ” Lagta hai mera dar apse darta hai ” (I feel my fear is afraid of you). Ratan asks her to sleep not to talk too much to which Veera tells she can’t sleep without a loori.ratn tells she can’t remember any. Veera tells Ratan she shouldn’t lie otherwise she will also be punished for lying. She further tells Her Veeraji told she had learnt Lori from you so you should know. Ratan still refuses saying she can’t remember properly, Veera is about to wake Rv, ratan stops her, and sings a lori ,Veera falls asleep.

Next day morning, Moti Chaiji comes to Ranveera’s room, sees Ratan and ranveera sleeping in the same bed, smiles at them. Ratan wakes up, tells Moti Chaiji that she fell asleep while putting Veera to sleep.

Rv asks Veera to Get up and gets ready as they are getting late to school. Veera remembering the mishap happened in school, tells Rv that she doesn’t want o go to school. She tells him she scared of going to schoo, she further asks him what will she do if the teacher gets her locked in the room. Rv tries to convince her but Veera becomes stubborn.

Rv tells Motci Chaiji and ratan that Veera won’t go to school today as she is scared, he further tells Veera will study staying at home. Hearing this, Moti Chaiji asks Rv whether he has decided everything on his own, tells Veera to get ready for school. Ranveera and Moti chai argue over this. Moti chaiji tells Rv they can see Veera crying now rather than seeing her crying in future for being uneducated. Rv asks Motichaiji, Even she ( Moti chaiji ) didn’t study but does she cry over this ? Moti chaiji tells how she had to pay a heavy price for abandoning her studies.

She asks Veera to go inside and tells her story. She tells him she was the only child of her parents and how she abandoned her studies out of disinterest and that has become the biggest mistake she made in her life. Moti chaiji continues her story, tells after her marriage her husband had to go to abroad, she was left behind in India because she was not educated. She further tells how her relatives of her husband who knew her incapability of being uneducated took advantage of her innocence and took over their property, house and her husband became angry on her to such extent he broke all ties with her only to never come back. She becomes emotional, tells till now she regrets her decision of abandoning her studies.

Moti chaiji tells Rv she doesn’t want anyone to suffer like her because of the same reason, Asks Rv to differentiate between his love for Veera and his responsibility about her. She encourages Rv to persuade Veera to study, tells how important education in our life. She further advices to never let his love for Veera to overpower his responsibilities. Rv tells himself Its important for Veera to study.

Pre- cap: Rv telling Veera she is still scared even though she explained to her many times that nothing will happen to her In school.

Update Credit to: Roshani

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