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Veera 14th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvi being questioned by the media. Gunjan cries. Ratan asks her to be strong and become Ranvi’s strength, everything will be fine. Ranvi comes to meet Grewal along with Dhingra. Grewal says whatever is happening, that poet wants to get popularity from his success. Ranvi says I m ashamed. Grewal asks did he really steal. Ranvi says no, I read few lines and there was no writer name, he liked the lines and made it a song by adding more lines, he did not wish to steal lines, we can give credit to that man now. Grewal says no, I will handle that man, I bought the song, I will pay him and settle him out of the court, don’t worry.

Ranvi apologizes to him. Grewal says it worked for him, the song became more hit, I will talk to media, you don’t tell anything to media. Ranvi says

this is wrong, we can’t take the man’s rights. Grewal argues and says he has waited for him, to make the song and sing it himself, if people know he did not write the case, he will fall in more problem. Ranvi hears the news. Gunjan gives the statement, that its not Ranvi’s mistake, she stole the lyrics and takes the blame on her. Grewal is shocked and says what does this mean, why is your wife taking the blame. Dhingra says its nothing like this. Ranvi is worried for her. Grewal asks Ranvi to make Gunjan quiet.

Ranvi rushes to Gunjan. Ratan asks Gunjan to come inside home. The media questions Ratan. Ranvi comes and asks media to leave them alone. The media targets him and he gets quiet. They ask him to reply. Ranvi says he has stolen the lyrics and defends Gunjan. He says she does not want anything to come on me, I got the lyrics and I liked it, I made it a song and took it ahead. He says I tried to find the writer, if I knew, I would have given his name. The media asks what will he do now.

Ranvi says I would give him the credit and fees. He goes with Ratan and Gunjan, and shuts the door. He asks Gunjan why did she do this, did she ask him. Ratan asks him not to scold Gunjan. Gunjan says its my mistake. Ratan says no, we all knew about the song, she asked me and gave you the song, you should be angry on me also Ranvi. Ranvi says no, I was shocked seeing interview, I m worried for her. He says he is not angry on her, he is annoyed with himself. He says its my mistake too and apologizes to her. Ratan says end this matter and think how to solve this. Ratan says we all will solve it together, its Baisakhi tomorrow, get smile on face now.

She says smile makes things easy, else how will problems get solved. Ranvi gets Grewal’s call. Grewal colds him for accepting it media and says he will send lawyer to him. He says Jagdish Sharma will ask big amount now, who will pay. Ranvi says I will pay the fine to him, its my mistake, we will put his name in the song, ask lawyer to talk to him, I will see the rest. Ratan smiles.

Bansuri and Manjeet smile seeing the news. Veera comes and Bansuri taunts her calling Ranvi a thief. Veera says enough, he did not do anything and Gunjan loves him and knows he did not do wrong. She argues with her and leaves. Manjeet asks Bansuri to see how her bau disrespects her. Bansuri says Veera will get punished for this, if she loves Ranvi, why is she here, let Balwant come, I will decide today. Ranvi gets a call from Veera. She asks is he fine, and how is everyone at home, she is worried. He says don’t worry, we are fine. She asks why did he took blame on him, people will think he did wrong. He says he did not think anything seeing Gunjan taking blaming on her, I can’t see her in this state.

She says I know my brother can’t do anything wrong. He asks her not to worry of small things, she is going to become sarpanch now, she should trust herself like he trusts himself that everything will be fine. Bansuri tells everything to Balwant and speaks against Veera. Balwant defends Veera and asks her to support Ranvi, as he is their son in law. He asks her to keep things fine in Baisakhi.

Manjeet tells Bansuri that Ranvi is Veera’s weakness and now they should target Ranvi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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