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The Episode starts with Veera being angry as Baldev praised Simran. Ranvi runs to her and gives her the kulfi. He asks her to have it fast, as its melting, and he has hidden it from Chai ji. She teases him as he holds the kerchief below the kulfi. He does her head massage and makes her sleep by singing the lullaby, like he used to do in their childhood. She sleeps. Baldev is unable to sleep, and says Veera may be sleeping well, why should I sit like this, I will also sleep. He hears anklet sound and sees Veera in a beautiful dress, looking pretty. She smiles and he wipes his eyes to see is she really there. Yaara ve……………plays……………….

They smile seeing each other. Its Simran, who asks how am I looking. He gets upset seeing her. Bansuri comes and smiles seeing him staring at Simran.

She says she looks a fairy and Baldev has to get his sherwani ready tomorrow. Balwant sees Baldev upset and unhappy. Baldev sees him and acts like he is very happy. He says he will get ready before time. Bansuri says I like this enthusiasm. Baldev says yes, I m very excited, as I said yes by my wish. Balwant realizes Baldev is acting.

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Gunjan thinks she has lost much money, how will she get money now. She thinks she should tell this to Ranvi, before he comes to know by someone else. Ranvi brings kulfi for them. She says she has to talk. He asks is she annoyed that he gave kulfi to Veera first. She says you think I m like this. He says no. She drops the kulfi being tensed. He says you are like kid, and makes her sit. He gives the other kulfi and makes her eat. She smiles as he teases her. They eat it together. Music plays……………….

He says he was in his problems and feels he has not spent time with her. He says he heard married people love each other but forget to express. He tells her that he loves her, and she is his support. She hugs him and asks he loves her a lot, if you get annoyed, will this love get less. He says no way, I love you so much and can’t be angry. He asks what does she want to say. She thinks she should not tell him, maybe its not needed to say. She says I love you to him. She hugs him and they smile. He says I love you too.

Its morning, Baldev calls out Bansuri and sees Simran drying her hair and goes to her. He gets the towel from her and says whom did you ask to take my towel, I was finding it. She says yours is mine now. He says he does not like to share things, don’t dare to touch my things. He leaves. She says you just see how I make your things mine, I will see how will you get saved from my magic. She sees his pic and says if I met you before Veera, you would have not seen her.

Veera wants to get rid of Baldev’s memories and plants things. Billa comes to meet her. Jaggi meets Baldev and apologizes to him. He says I did not know this will happen by keeping wine in Ranvi’s godown, I did not know you both will be punished. Billa says we did not know Baldev will agree to marry Simran, its not your mistake, we know Baldev loves you a lot. Jaggi says Veera love you, don’t marry anyone, don’t do injustice with her, she made us tell the truth and cleared your name, unite again. Veera says our relation has broken, Baldev moved on and I m trying. Jaggi says you love Veera. Veera says why did Baldev agree to marry Simran, is this his love and trust.

Baldev says no, she always blames me for everything. He says she did not say she loves me and I should not marry Simran. Jaggi messages Billa that Baldev is adamant. Billa says even Veera. Billa says now Plan B. They start using reverse psychology on them and say their decision is right. They make them jealous to make them realize their love. He asks Veera to show Baldev that she does not care. Veera talks to Jaggi. Simran comes to Jaggi and he says he will help her in knowing Baldev’s likes and dislikes. She says yes. He says I will tell everything and says all wrong things. Simran says I will give him surprise. Veera says step 1 is over, not step 2.

He brings Simran to the chaat stall. Billa joins them and greets Simran. Veera comes there and spoils the chaat. Billa and Jaggi smile. He asks Simran to take the chaat for Baldev, as its ready. She asks about money. Billa says we will pay it, just take it. Veera smiles and thinks now go to get sherwani stitched.

Veera makes Baldev jealous by acting sweet to Rajveer. Baldev looks on and gets angry seeing them holding hands.

Update Credit to: Amena

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