Veera 13th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 13th March 2014 Written Episode, Veera 13th March 2014 Written Update

Baldev buy colours for holi and he tries it but unfortunately colors spreads and fall on veera. Veera says, oye baldev. Baldev says, oye please forgive me. veera says, ok i will forgive you. Baldev friend’s says, now you say to veera otherwise we will follow her whole life. Baldev says, ok i will tell her and bring barat to marry her.
Ranveer says, biji what are you doing. Biji and chaiji says, we are making colors because market colors are bad and harmful to our skin. Chaiji tells the recipe of color.
Veera comes and ask everyone, what happens? everyone says, we are preparing for holi. Ranveer says, we will play holi. Veera says, i dont want to play holi then veera see towards biji and says to ranveer, i am just joking, i will play holi with you, but i will play holi with baldev, chaiji

says, no we will all play holi together.
Gunjan think about flashback and wake up. Gunjan looks calender then goes to her parents room and bring keys.
She opens a drawer and bring all the jewellery and again put keys below the pillow of bansari ji, then she come back to her room and balwant ji comes into room and ask, why are you not sleeping? gunjan says, i am not feeling in this dress. you give me a present on every holi and now this time i want forgiveness from you. balwant tayaji says, oye putra go to bed.
Ranveer comes at baldev house and baldev was going somewhere. Baldev says, we will believe in tradition and we will not stop her then he goes outside from house. Ranveer takes blessing from bansari and balwant tayaji. Bansari taunts to ranveer.
Balwant tayaji says, i know you will not do it but i am requesting you, please dont leave my gunjan. Ranveer says, dont worry tayaji, i will not leave her, if i want to leave her then i will tell the truth to everyone about bus and i respect gunjan and she gone in a wrong path but i believe and assure you that we will return back on my voice. Gunjan reaches there.
Balwant tayaji says to gunjan, go and get ready, ranveer came to bring you. Gunjan says to herself, for how long will you let down my father, ranveer. Gunjan calls at bank and says, my husband want to take loan then what is the procedure. Bank manager says, fill the form and further formalities we will discus later when you will come here. Ranveer bring gunjan on dalveer’s car and gunjan’s says to herself, you are beggar and you cannot afford a car. gunjan stops ranveer and says, i have a little work, i am going to finish it. All the jewellery fall down, ranveer says, gunjan what happen.

Precap:- Gunjan make fool to ranveer and gives jewellery. Ranveer bring jewelley in front of manager and then gunjan sent ranveer back into car and manager ask to gunjan, why you want to take more loan.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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