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The Episode starts with Ratan explaining Gunjan not to doubt on Ranvi, he will be hurt by this. She asks her not to doubt on love being afraid to lose him, instead make her trust strong to make it unbreakable. Veera calls her and asks her to come soon, as Baldev is fighting with Dilawar’s goons. Ratan reaches there with Veera. Dilawar comes and acts like he is right guy. He scolds his men and says he did not ask him to hide papers from Baldev, he is the sarpanch. He gives the papers to Baldev and says he does not know anything. He asks him to forgive his man. He asks what will he do. Ratan says you lied to villagers and took their signs on papers, you have took 80% profits, they have paid your loans by this, we will show this paper to magistrate.

Dilawar acts sweet and Ratan scolds him for misusing

his powers. Dilawar says he is shaken up after what happened with Preeto, he wants to live honest life. Baldev says great, Veera and I are going to magistrate office today, all farmers will live free life. Dilawar says its great and greets them. They all leave. The man says he did not do this right, he was fighting for him.

Dilawar tells his plan to him that Baldev and Veera won’t reach city and smiles. Ranvi and Geet have food at the Dhaba and Deepu plays around. Ranvi asks her to have food. Geet says now I don’t want to sing, you did a lot for me. He says its just starting. She says now her journey ended, I like to sing, but I can’t do stag shows, I don’t find it good. Ranvi asks is she upset. She says I m a widow, I have a 6 year old kid, you are married, if we spend time, what will people say, Gunjan will be worried. He asks did Gunjan say anything. She says no, but why should we do anything that Gunjan needs to say anything.

He says Gunjan and I love each other a lot, we have trust and no doubt. She says Gunjan trusts you, but pind people… He says when pind people see Gunjan has no objection, why will they say. She says he is man and can bear the taunts, but she can’t bear it. He says fine, if you decided, I will not say. Baldev smiles and asks Veera why is she hugging the file, he is jealous. She says its my husband’s respect, this will proof my husband is best sarpanch of pind. He says my tigress and laughs. He says he was thinking he cancelled his honeymoon being annoyed, lets go for it. She asks about Goa. He says we will go Goa later, we can have honeymoon in Chandigarh, a short one. He asks him to focus on driving. They laugh.

Deepu says she wants to take pic. Ranvi and Deepu take pics. Deepu takes Manjeet’s words and asks Geet to come to them. Geet refuses and says she knows Manjeet, she can never change, she will react seeing the pics. Ranvi convinces her and the man thinks they are husband and wife, which makes them feel odd. Baldev gets a call and stops the jeep. He does not get sound and goes far. The goons attack Veera and snatch the files from her. She shouts Baldev and they run away. She runs after them. Ranvi gets the pics and shows Deepu.

He returns the pic of him and Geet, and Deepu takes it. Geet thinks Deepu has to understand Ranvi can’t become her dad. The goons hurt Veera and Baldev runs to her. He beats the goons and the goon aims gun at them. Baldev comes infront of Veera and gets shot.


Ratan talks to Dilawar and says she knows he has done all this. Dilawar says he changed. Ratan asks him to return the lands to the farmers.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. This ranvi is getting into the trap….gunjan plz leave tat stupid if he want to become deepu dad

  3. Ranvi is bull shit

  4. What the hell!ranvi….if he want 2 become deepu’s dad then he should accept geet too.wht abt gunjan if that happen so??thnx amena.

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