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The Episode starts with Baldev asking Rahul his choice of a girl. Rahul says someone who makes his house a home. Baldev smiles and says they have one such. Veera says he means there will be someone like that. Baldev brings Veera to room and she asks him not to scare Rahul, let him talk to Geet and then decide. Baldev says he will understand that we are good people. She says let me talk. He asks why, will I not know to talk to educated people. She says he does not understand, he is mad. He makes her sit on the chair and says I m mad, so I will do this. He ties her to the chair. She says let me go, else.. He says I know you will be angry, I will go and do what I want. She says you will regret. He says you learn manners, and I will show how I convince Rahul to marry Geet.

He says he wishes to just stare

her, and kisses her. He says I know you won’t come close to me for one week, and leaves. She says come back. Bansuri asks Geet to sit and praises Geet. Manjeet gets angry understanding Bansuri’s plan. Bansuri calls Gunjan. Gunjan says she has to give good news. Bansuri says me too, we got some good man for Geet, I m talking to him, I think Geet will go away. Gunjan says its good news, and tells her that Ranvi and I have patched up. Bansuri asks her not to tell Ranvi about this. Gunjan says no, I m sure Ranvi is not having anything with Geet, I m not afraid. Bansuri insists and ends the call. Bansuri sends Geet to make food. Baldev praises Geet, and Veera is resting taking medicines.

Baldev talks to Rahul and tries to tell about Geet. Manjeet says any girl will marry him, but we have some problem, Geet is a widow and have one daughter. Rahul says if anyone thinks the girl is burden, then he does not deserve Geet. Baldev smiles and says Geet is like the girl you want, talk to her once, if you like her, then we will take things ahead. Rahul says I m surprised, I prayed in Gurudwara that I will not go back alone to London, and take my life partner, and then this proposal came.

They all smile happily. Balwant asks him to take some time. Rahul says this will be soon for Geet, I want to talk to her if you all don’t have any problem. Bansuri goes to get Geet. Manjeet says she will not be able to see Deepu. Rahul says they can come and meet her. Manjeet thinks she can’t let Geet go abroad. Balwant asks Rahul to talk to Geet. Rahul jokes ad asks Geet her name. He says I think we should talk to Deepu once before deciding marriage, she is a child and her feelings will be sensitive, don’t know she will be happy with me or not, her happiness will matter to me than our happiness after marriage, so I want to talk to her. Balwant says its great thing, I will call Deepu, she will be in her room. Rahul says I will go and meet her myself. Manjeet takes him.

Bansuri asks Geet to say yes now, as Rahul is perfect. Balwant says final decision will be Geet’s. Bansuri asks Baldev to make Geet say yes, I don’t want problems in Gunjan’s life. Gunjan talks to Ranvi and he thinks about Veera. He says I have to talk to Veera. Gunjan thinks if he talks to her, Veera will tell about the guy for Geet, he can go there. He calls Veera and she is tried to the chair. He says why is she not taking my call, I have to tell her that our fight ended, call her from your phone. She says its not working. He asks how, it was fine.

She says it fell in water. Her phone rings and she gets tensed. She says I think water dried, wait I will call Veera. He says let it be, I will go and meet Veera. She worries and thinks to stop him. Manjeet shows Deepu. Rahul says if you don’t feel bad, I want to talk to her alone. Deepu says she knows why he came, to became her dad. He says maybe. She says she rejected one, as he wanted to make her away from my Biji. He says what, I would have beaten him. He says Sabu said the same, he is my best friend, he is Ranvijay Singh, he cares for me. He says I will take better care than him.

He says he is a professor. She says she does not like teacher, as they scold. He says I will not scold you. She says about Ranvi. He says he will do anything for her, and more than Ranvi. She says you are good, but Ranvi can also do what you can do. He asks can Ranvi bring smile on your Biji’s face. She says Ranvi is my friend. He says I will become your Biji’s friend, I will give her happiness that she always smile. She asks his promise. He says promise and she runs.

Gunjan asks Ranvi not to go today, she has read in paper, horoscope, he should not go out of home today. She says she is scared. He says nothing will happen, and shows the clothes. She says she does not like it and looks for some good clothes. He asks does she want to stop him from going. He asks did anything happen there.

Baldev argues with Veera, and Ranvi looks at them shocked. Veera says I want to talk to Ranvi. Baldev stops her angrily. Ranvi shouts Baldev….

Update Credit to: Amena

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