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The Episode starts with Baldev recalling Veera’s words. She comes wearing a red dress and looks beautiful. He stares at her. Kaise samjhaun tumhe………….. plays……….. She does his aarti. She asks him to make her drink water by his hand. He asks why should I break this fast, did I ask you to keep it, is this any karwachauth. Sh says but this is karwachauth for me, as I can’t keep real karwachauth for you, you will leave me on one month.

She says she never believed in traditions but now she wishes she lives all the one year rituals in this one month, please break my fast by your hand. She cries. He agrees and breaks her fast. Mahiya……………..plays……………. he says have some fast, else you will get ill. She holds his hand and stops him, asking him to talk to her for two

mins. Gunjan thinks she is feeling like culprit to think about abortion, is there any way that I get happiness without hurting anyone. Ranvi comes and hugs her. She gets worried. He asks is there anything, you look worried, did I say anything, forgive me, you know me.

She says nothing like that, you did not do any mistake, I m worried about rehearsals. He motivates her and thanks for always supporting him, and she made him what he is today, a rockstar, I never believed about Baldev being innocent in Nihaal’s murder case, but you supported me with love and explained me about Baldev being innocent. He teaches her some dance moves.

Veera asks Baldev does he really hate her, she can’t believe he can hate her, he can be angry. She asks why does he want to make her away from her life. He says let me go. She stops him and says I try to prove I love you and I will always love you, as I don’t feel you hate me, can you meet doctor once for my sake.

She says you anger, worry, improper sleep is since you came from lockup, you are hurt on body and mind, it can be healed, you can get free from this pain. He says I will get free from the pain when you leave from my life, you did all this to take me to doctor. He says I will not listen to you now and leaves. She cries. Ranvi and Gunjan dance. O rabba……………plays………….. she asks him do you think few things should be left on Lord. He says yes and hugs her. She thinks why is she worried, he loves her a lot, she can’t hurt him by doing abortion, I can get career even after baby.

Veera thinks she should have not spoken to Baldev about doctor, she lost his trust again. Baldev sleeps and recalls the lockup torture. Veera wakes up by his voice and says you are at home. Baldev says don’t beat me, they will come back and beat me. She says they won’t come back. He says save me. She covers him and cries. She thinks she has to do something to make him fine.

Gunjan thinks to impress everyone by her rehearsals. Dhingra’s wife Anita comes there and sees Gunjan’s dance. She also teaches her a new steps and talks to her about not taking dancing career, and then she left it. She says she came to arrange few things for the event. She says she married Sunil Dhingra, and then left her dreams. Veera meets the doctor to talk about Baldev. He says we have to control his mood swings and anger, and I will give medicine , you give him anyway.

She says will it be good if I give him medicine without saying. He says once he gets fine to think of his good, you can get him here. She thinks how to give medicines to Baldev.

Veera gives valentines surprise to Baldev and Ranvi gives the surprise to Gunjan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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