Veera 13th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Veera 13th February 2014 Written Episode, Veera 13th February 2014 Written Update

Balwant singh says, i am feeling shame on you gunjan, look veera she sacrificed her love for all pind people’s. Gunjan gone from that place and bansari says, you always look on other’s child. Balwant ji says, now i feel shame because she now behave likes you. Baldev says, enough papaji now you will not insult to biji. balwant ji says, you become angry when i said something to your biji then think what will ranveer thinks. Ranveer thinks about gunjan’s wordings.
veera says, i am sorry biji, this is all my fault. Chaiji says, nobody is faulty about it. Ranveer says, i am faulty about it. It should better that not tell to gunjan. Gunjan had done wrong to biji and veera. I know gunjan is angry with me thats why she said all this.
veera says, gunjan is break your heart and i will not forgive her for whole life. Sarpanch ji reaches to panchayat and a person said to sarpanch ji that somebody is waiting for you and it is veera’s nana nani.
Gunjan cries and bansari gives earings but gunjan dont accept it. Bansari says, dont goes to your papaji’s wordings and you are right. Veera is not nothing for us infact she is not real relative to ranveer. Gunjan says, then why will ranveer sent veeera with her nana nani. Bansari says , i am angry with your father.
veera reads her mail and got very excited and tell ranveer that i have to go from pritampura. Veera says, arent you happy? Ranveer says, i am very happy veerakhdi…Veera says, i will tell this happy news to whole pind. Ranveer gets upset and cries.
Baldev says, are you seriously going outside from pind. Veera dont say anything and move away. Baldev says, i dont know why i am not so happy.
Dalveer says, veera is going tommorrow. Ranveera says, ya but i want to give surprise to her. Ranveer see children playing with gudda gudiya. GUnjan spy to ranveer. Ranveer says to children, tommorrow veera is going to foreign so i want to give gift to her.
Gunjan then gives bribe to children and ask everything to children.

Precap:- Children shows puppet show to veera and tell her that she is not real sister of ranveer.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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