Veera 13th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 13th February 2013 Written Episode, Veera 13th February 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with Ratan saying that a teacher is responsible for a child’s well being and progress and she cannot think of a suitable punishment…The teacher apologizes again and says that her past records are good and that she’ll never repeat such a mistake again…Ratan accepts her apology and Balwant dismisses the Panchayat with a strict warning to the teacher..Nihal steps in and questions the panchayat decision…he tells everyone how in the cities such a mistake can cost the teacher their job and they could even be charged for the crime…He reminds everyone of wgat Veera went through when she was locked in the room and was luckily saved before any unfortunate mishap with the oil she had spilt over herself…He reminds the panchayat of the trauma the little kid and the parents went through…he

abruptly stops at the mention of Veera’s dad and says her mum instead…Ratan, Bansuri and Kartar react at Nihal’s growing interest in the matter …Nihal further says that though Veera wasnt hurt physically but mentally the child has lost her confidence and is living in fear…he compares children to clay and says parents and teachers have the responsibilty to mould them …the panch asks Nihal for his suggestion on a solution for the issue…He suggests new rules to be set against child abuse and for teachers to refrain from misusing their power…Everyone agrees and Nihal suggests that its Basant panchami in a few days and they should make a fresh start with new and strict rules implemented…Balwant announces the same rules and orders the school to abide by them at any cost…Everyone applauds the decision taken by the panchayat and Ratan gives Nihal a silent thank you nod which desnt go unnoticed by Bansuri’s prying eyes…Ratan leaves and Nihal asks for help from the pind ppl to make Veera smile again…

At home chaiji tries to cheer Veera with the toy Ranvi had mad for her but there is no chage in her…soon there is lots of noise and Nihal walks in with the dhol with a few dancers…Ratan wonders what its all about and chaiji assures her its for Veera…Nihal tells Veera that her veerji is lost and she has to find Ranvi amongst all the disguised jokers…Veera doesnt react…Nihal then makes Balwant dance then calls a set of kids wearing animal costumes but in vain…He then makes chaiji dance and brings another set of animals but Veera doesnt smile… Nihal then call upon Veera’s mum and Ratan is caught off guard but she dances for Veera’ sake ..Bansuri looks at Nihal and Ratan suspiciously…and finally comes Ranvi dressed in an elephants costume…He takes a laddoo but before eating it he offers it to Veera and she instantly recognizes her Veer as he always thinks of her before himself… Everyone is happy to see Veera smile and Ranvi takes his mask off and hugs Veera…The kids dance around RanVeera and Veera is back to her normal self…She dances wholeheatedly and everyone watches her happily…

Precap: Ranvi wakes Veera up and asks her to get ready for school…Veera thinks about the mishap and tells Ranvi that she doesnt want to go to school…..

Update Credit to: hinz

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