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Veera 13th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baldev saying he will manage the finances of the fair and it will be very grand, they will see its in pind or any city. Everyone get glad by Baldev. Veera worries and thinks Baldev wants to show them the place which they did not see till now. She meets Ratan and tells her that Baldev is not doing a good thing. Ratan says don’t know whats Baldev doing, he will not tell us. Ranvi thinks about his friend’s words and says let Baldev do any arrangements, we will go in fair and do something of our own. He says we will celebrate it in our way, I will talk to them. Veera says great, you are pind’s star and they will listen to you.

Oberoi tells the manager to make the fair grand and then villagers will choose Baldev as sarpanc. Kohli tells Baldev that everyone will love you after

seeing the fair and no one will think to vote for your wife. Baldev does the arrangements, and villagers get glad and say they want a sarpanch like him who knows their hearts and needs. Ranvi is shooting in the pind and everyone rush to him. Ranvi talks to them and says the villagers are stars, and calls them heroes who work hard, and they should learn from them, to keep smiling and all problems can get over. He says this is my friend Tarun, and he makes documentaries, and I called him in this pind. The villagers say he made their pind famous and want him to become sarpanch.

Ranvi says he is good as singer and he is not educated, but Veera is educated and he wants her to become sarpanch, she will take pind ahead and people will say Ranvi is known by this pind. Baldev looks on and says they all forgot what I was doing for them. He signs Gunjan to come. Ranvi asks them to talk to Tarun. Baldev asks Gunjan why is she not supporting him, he is her brother. Gunjan says I have two relations with Veera and goes.

The people request Ranvi to sing a song, which became famous recently. Ranvi sings the song Phir Kabhi……. The media comes there and asks him whats his reaction to the blame of plagiarism. Ranvi is shocked. They ask Ranvi about the song writer Jadgish and Ranvi has not given him any credit. The lawyer meets Ranvi and says his client Jagdish Sharma is hurt on getting the lyrics credit and is asked to come in court. Ranvi gets worried and goes. Gunjan faints being tensed. Ratan holds her and says its not your mistake.

Manjeet and Bansuri see the news about Ranvi and get glad. Baldev comes and they fill his ears against Veera and Baldev, and they are glad what happened with Ranvi, asking him to use this chance and focus on elections. Dhingra calls Ranvi and says producer wants to met you now. Ranvi says I m coming. Gunjan cries and thinks everything will be lost after this case, things got fine by much difficulty. She says she did mistake and wants to come along. He leaves.

Baldev asks Kohli not to worry, as pind is with him, Ranvi and Veera felt they will make him lose, but their plan failed and they lost respect. Kohli asks him to think something about Ranvi. Veera looks on. Baldev says the man who can steal the song, how can anyone trust him that he can not steal anything else, now no one will believe Veera and Ranvi, I will use the case and take this in benefit, its not elections, but war and everything is fair in this. He turns and sees Veera.

He ends the call and says Veera… She says enough, I heard everything, I know winning is imp for you and you can do anything, I thought I call solve everything, but you don’t want to, as you want to blame Ranvi, you know he can’t do this, I will not be scared and I will not break down, you see I will not let problems come in between and fight elections well to make you lose.

Veera tells him that the war has gone ahead, and she will be his enemy, they will not talk till the elections end, she will not be his wife, but his enemy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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