Veera 12th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 12th July 2013 Written Episode, Veera 12th July 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Nihal taking Ranvi somewhere and Veera intrupts that you cannt take my veerji without me. Ranvi somehow convinces Veera to go to school and he will be back. Ratan comes back from gurudwara and chaiji enquires about how she is feeling and gives her lassi to taste and then rattan remembers the moments spent with Sampooran and instead of feeling sad, she smiles and leaves.

Veera and Gunjan in her school goes to baldev;s class to get her book and when she opens his bag Veera sees the same video game and questions that why he has not returned it. They have fun playing around with his video game and leaves when the class teacher comes and takes video game with her.

Nihal takes ranvi to a land and talks about ratan that how she is in such a bad condition and how she is living only

for him, Ranvi says that he loves Ratan the same but why cannt she love Veera, who is so young and innocent. Nihal says that as she knows that veera is not her real daughter, its hard for her to accept. love is such a thing where you can not make someone else love you. Ranvi rivert back and says: has this ever happen to you Nihal chachu, Nihal says that yes I love someone but I cannot ask her to love me, even I cannt show it to her.. And tells Ranvi that if something is not in our hand we should leave it to god and he is sure that as time pass by she will start to accept veera as well. Ranvi feels convince and promises Nihal that he will do everything to make Ratan love Veera. Ranvi promises Nihal that he will ask for forgiveness from Ratan and make her love Veera again.

Veera in her class is playing with baldev’s video game and another kid asks for it and says that if she doesn’t give it to her then he will tell teacher about it. Initially Veera gives it to him but then scares the hell out of her (must watch scene) by saying that it has a snake in it and out of fear he returns it to her. While she is playing with the video game it starts making noise, and teacher gets to know that she has a video game. She asks Veera to stay out of the class and she sees Baldev with Gunjan and gives the video game back to Baldev but somehow it drops & breaks. Baldev says that the video game was for 1000 rs. And scares Gunjan and Veera that its sunny’s and if his mom gets to know, she will scold. Veera tells everything to Ranvi

Precap – Ratan tells Kartar that as Gurpreet is not there, she will send food for him at him house, while leaving Kartar thanks Ratan by calling her name… Ratan gets suspicious as questions Kartar that how come he doesn’t call her ‘parjai ji’ anymore…. :

Update Credit to: ans1122

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