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The Episode starts with Gunjan checking for some clinics to undergo abortion. She recalls Ranvi and Bansuri’s words and takes an appointment for tomorrow. She says nothing will happen to me, I m young and I can give a child to Ranvi later, I will ask doctor about the risk of not conceiving in future. Veera brings the buckets of water and slips. All the water fall on the floor. Bansuri says all water fell, you have to bring again. Veera says she will bring and walk carefully next time. Bansuri smiles.

Ranvi tells Gunjan that he will make her very happy and hugs her. She asks whats tomorrow. He says w are going Chandigarh tomorrow, I said yes for a show, I will sing for you tomorrow. She says she has imp rehearsals. He says I will tell him you can’t come. She thinks she told manager I won’t

come as I took the appointment at clinic. She takes the phone and gets angry. She says she is working hard to prove she is best and does not need his recommendation. He says he is proud of her as she does not throw any tantrums. He says I will go alone, you do rehearsals well, whenever I close my eyes and sing, I will see your face. He says I will miss you a lot.

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She thinks once she does what she wants, she will give him double happiness. Veera thinks its not easy, don’t know how Biji and Chai ji do the household chores. Balde comes there and sees her carrying heavy buckets of water. He wants to help her and stops. Veera hires a man for taking buckets to home. Baldev asks why, and taunts her. Veera says she will lift buckets herself and goes home. She gets tired bringing more buckets. Bansuri says Veera did all the work, but I won’t let her fast complete, she passed all day without water, I will do something to break her fast.

Gunjan dreams of a crying baby and she goes near the moving cradle, and sees just toys and clothes, and baby saying she has killed it. She says no, my baby, I will cancel the appointment, I can’t kill by baby. Bansuri asks about spicy chilli powder and burns it for tadka, so that Veera gets unwell by the smoke. Veera brings more buckets and Bansuri asks her to keep water in kitchen. Veera goes there and coughs. She comes out and Balwant asks what happened to her, giving her water to drink. Veera takes the glass and Bansuri smiles.

Veera stops and says she kept fast and can’t drink water. Balwant says drink it, you are unwell. Veera refuses. Balwant sees Bansuri and says he understood she has done this intentionally to trouble her and break her fast. Bansuri defends herself and leaves. Balwant tells Bansuri’s plan how she troubled her. Veera says she knows everything and she wants to keep the fast for Baldev. Baldev hears this. Balwant says Baldev does not know how lucky he is. Veera goes.

Gunjan gets vomiting and Chai ji asks what happened. Gunjan says she is fine and Chai ji asks her about her health, she got many vomiting, is she pregnant. Gunjan is shocked. She denies it and says she has digestion problem. Chai ji asks how does she know it. Gunjan says I asked doctor. Chai ji says I have seen the world, I don’t need to ask doctor to know you are pregnant or not, I can just tell it seeing you.Gunjan says its nothing like that, do you think I will hide it from you. Chai ji says no, its good news, I just asked. Gunjan thinks till when will she hide this, she has to decide soon.

Veera asks Baldev to make her have water by his hand, as she won’t be able to celebrate Karwachauth with him. She cries.

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