Veera 12th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 12th February 2013 Written Episode, Veera 12th February 2013 Written Update

Veera crying holding ranvi everyone is teary eyed…ranvi says so much gas is there in your stomach he says MC tie a rope so that we can fly her… he goes away to get something and veera cries in Moti chaijis lap….nihal sees while ranvi is going…ranvi sits in a corner and writes in a diary some precautions… that he will always see whether veera is there or no he will feed her food and will check whether she is there in friends house or not he says sorry dad u had given me the responsibility…

[Ratan in kitchen]
Ratan is making dalia….MC asks about it she says may be paratha was heavy… she could not digest dalia she can eat she says I neglected her MC says don’t says so she says no I never loved her people were right MC says people will say anything but tell them to become

ratan and handle veera … u believe it or not but that kid is attached to your heart….MC says today u ran for your veera not ranvis sister…ratan says no MC I went to find ranvis sister not veera MC says in mind u fight within your self but the relation has already been made lemme see how u don’t let veera enter your heart…

[Veeras room]
Everyone tries to make veera happy…ranvi comes he asks ahs the gas come out…veera still silent…baldev says we will leave… u just call us we will be there to help she is the smile of our pind….ratan thanks him and they all leave….nihal also leaves but ratan stops him and says thanks… nihal says I did this for veera no need to thank….ratan feeds dalia to veera but she does not ratan now remembers that veera had told her to tell her puttar and says eat na puttar…she again says it and veera eats….MC and ratan happy…veera touches ratans lap…nihal is watching this from the window and remembers rattans thank u…he says in mind how can i do any help when I myself am in credit…..MC says eat food ranvi says I wanna be with veera MC says eat and then play….just then bansuri comes and asks about veera she says that was bad which happened to veera( aargh here she is to rub the salt on wound) … she says I heard u scolded the teacher… ratan says yup I will take her out of school…how could they do this to kid we send them to school, for studying not to bear this she could have been silent … she also nihals name and ratan becomes silent

Bansuri says he is a very gud person she says we cant find such people…bansuri gives evil look to ratan just then a guy comes and says your called for panchayat ratan says I cant come anywhere bansuri asks the reason for this panchayat and the guy says nihal ji has called panchayat…to discuss whatever happened with veera bansuri says u should go don’t deny it will not look good(Balwant handle your wife )… MC says u should go we need to know what is discussed after all its about our veera and u need to see that this does not happen to other kid also don’t listen to anyone’s nonsense u go ratan says ok u both take care of veera I will go MC assures her bansuri says even I will leave

Panchayat says today’s panchayat is about the matter of veera Balwant says kids are kids and schools are to teach them properly but the method used was wrong closing her in a dark room and that’s OK but she forgot her that’s too much teachers work is too teach but what was that the principal says your right sarpanchji I will make sure this wont happen in future… balwant says u tell ratan becoz veera has faced this….

Precap-Nihal says your veer is angry on u he has said when u recognize him that time only he will come in front of u… and then small group of kids arrive in joker dresses… and a song is played veer nu pehchan kudiye phati hai iski nikar veer nu pehchan and then ratan says recognize me veera

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Update Credit to: –Rashu–

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