Veera 11th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Veera 11th October 2013 Written Episode, Veera 11th October 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with discussion on Baldev’s guilt in school..Headmaster gives punishment to Baldev not to come school for 3 days..Headmaster advises to students about the disadvantage of cigarette. Balwant promises to headmaster from now he will be more strict against Baldev. Baldev takes vow teaching a lesson to veera.
At home veera irritates chaiji asking question after question..Ranvi announces giving reward to veera for finding real culprit..veera asks, is it computer? Ranvi says, he is gonna to give her more precious gift than computer n this is their papaji’s pencil. veera becomes happy to get it..chaiji wants to see pencil but veera won’t want to show her if she breaks it..chaiji also adamant to see it but abruptly she feels deep pain in her shoulder n she sets down..Ratan tells her to take rest.

Baldev asks his friends to wait n is about to take his bat & ball but on way he meets with balwant n he scolds him for his nature n orders to bansuri not to allow baldev going out for 3 days.

Veera searches something to eat..Ratan helps her finding out that pot..At the time of frying parrota Ratan burns her finger..Veera offers her to make parrota herself..Ratan becomes happy in her inner n says veera to sit with Ranvi n chaiji.

Chaiji does conversation through mobile on donating wheat in gurudwar tomorrow..From this Ranvi remembers tomorrow is Ratan’s birthday. They plan hidden to give surprising party to Ratan.

In room Ranveera breaks their piggy bank to buy gifts for Ratan.

In market veera buys bangles, lipstick, shoes n stole but everything is small size..Ranvi astonishes seeing why r all small sizes!!

In market Ranveera clashes with Baktwar..he gets to know from them tomorrow is Ratan’s birthday n he gives this news to Surjeet through mobile that tomorrow is the best time to make trap for Ratan.

At home Veera discloses to Ranvi the reason of buying small sizes of all things( in episode reason didn’t reveal)

Precap: Ranveera busies in embellishing whole house..Chaiji becomes emotional in thinking that who says Ratan isn’t lucky who has such adorable kids!!

Update Credit to: nabiii

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