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The Episode starts with Balwant asking Baldev is he sure about marrying Simran, as he knows he loves Veera. Baldev says he knows one thing, that Veera does not trust him, and marriage needs trust and he will like Simran slowly after marriage, he will compromise. He leaves. Balwant says I did not want my son to do this. Bansuri comes to meet Gunjan and tells everyone that Baldev has agreed for marriage, with Simran, they are shocked. She taunts on Veera and says the marriage is after one week, I can’t do arrangements alone, please come to help. Ratan says yes, we will come to help, we are glad to know about Baldev and Simran. Bansuri gives sweets and asks about Veera. She says give this good news to her and bring her to see Baldev happy without her. She leaves.

Veera gets Baldev’s fav sweet

and says she will have to wait till night to meet him. Rajveer comes to meet her and says he came to ask how is she. She says I m fine. He says an happy too, good to see. She says she has taken a decision. He asks what. He sees the rose and sweets and asks for whom is this. She says it’s a start for new relation, sometimes we like someone and think its love, but we realize it when we start staying away, I realized I can’t stay without my Baldev. He gets angry. He says I did not understand. She says Baldev is annoyed and broke up, so I decided to make up to him. He says its right decision. She thanks him as a friend. She says everything will be fine. He thinks nothing will be fine, as I will stop you both from getting together.

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Ranvi says so Baldev is marrying, his love went away soon, does he not worry for Veera, its good, it will be easy for Veera to forget him, I know she will be hurt, but maybe this is right for him. Gunjan cries and says its wrong for everyone, Baldev took this decision being angry, he can’t be happy without her, this happened because of you, their relation broke and Baldev is punishing himself by doing this. Ranvi says this is happening for good. She says no, I have always supported you and never forced you to agree, hoping you will agree some day, but I feel I have lost, how will I face Veera and her tears. He says you think it will be easy for me, I was against their relation as everyone knows. Gunjan’s dad got her proposal as he was a good guy, what if he was a wrong guy, would her dad give her to him.

He asks Ratan and Chai ji. Chai ji says I know you are right, but Baldev tried to change. Ranvi says no, we gave him many chances and he did not change, and Gunjan is saying Baldev has lost Veera, even I lost my sister, she went away from me, I fought with her, I could not bear her one tear and now I have to see her sad. She will cry a lot knowing this, but its fine, its good that she cries today than crying after marrying Baldev. Ranvi leaves. Veera comes and asks why is everyone so quiet. She says Chai ji told you that I m going to meet Baldev from window.

She shows Baldev’s fav sweet and rose. She asks one more sweet box, who got it. She starts eating the sweet and asks why they got sweets. Ranvi comes back. Ratan says Bansuri got it, Baldev is marrying. Veera is shocked. She says no, he can’t do this, he is joking, he can’t marry. Veera asks them are they joking and cries. She says he wants to make me restless so he did this. Ranvi says listen to me. She asks Gunjan to tell them that Baldev is just joking. Gunjan cries and says yes Veera, Baldev said yes for marriage. She says Biji came with sweets and said Baldev is marrying Simran.

Veera cries and runs to her room. Gunjan asks Ranvi why is he going after her, as he also wanted this, and said her crying for few ddays is good, you want to wipe her tears in seconds, what will you tell that everything will be fine, its good she cries being alone than your fake words. Veera thinks about Baldev and cries. He thinks about her and cries. Mahiya………….plays……………… He thinks of seeing her with Rajveer. She says you were in so hurry to hold anyone’s hand. He says you were in so hurry to go in someone’s arms. She says you could have given me chance to explain. He says you could have given me chance to forgive you.

Its night, Ranvi comes to Veera’s room and stands outside. Ratan asks till when you stand here, go and talk to her. He says what will I talk, Gunjan was right, I m responsible for this. Ratan says you are her brother and everything, if you break down, who will take care of her, you are her support. She leaves.

Ranvi knocks the door asking Veera to open the door. Veera sits numb. He asks won’t you talk to me. He turns to go and she opens the door. He goes to talk to her. He asks her to get her anger out on him, but don’t blame herself. He says I know this happened because of me, I did not let you get hurt since childhood, but this time I could not do anything. She hugs him and says if you blame yourself, will I feel good. She says whatever happens is not in our control, it just happens, I m fine. I want some time. She says I will get fine, I promise I will not hurt myself by crying, and not even you. Rabba…………………plays……………..They both cry.

Baldev tells Gunjan to tell Veera that he got a deserving girl. She asks why me, you go and tell her meeting her eyes. He says am I afraid of anyone and meets Veera on the way. Mahiya………….plays……………

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