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The Episode starts with Baldev asking Veera not to meet Ranvi, else his relation with her will end. She cries being shocked. She says she understands what he is saying, whats Gunjan’s pain, but I can explain Ranvi. He says he has to understand himself, I m sopping you, not to hurt you, but to save Ranvi and Gunjan from separation pain. She sits and cries. She recalls Ratan’s words and Baldev thanks her for understanding, as there is no way. Baldev goes to Ranvi and tells him that he can’t meet Veera, this is her wish. Veera hides and looks on. Baldev asks Ranvi to go home, Veera does not wish to meet him, till Geet’s marriage gets fixed. Ranvi is shocked.

Ranvi can’t believe this. Baldev asks him to go home and talk to Gunjan. He says he believes Ranvi, but he can’t help him in this matter,

he knows Ranvi is good and he has no doubt on him. He says you did not do anything to end Gunjan’s fear and doubt, go home. Ranvi leaves and sees Veera looking on. He thinks he does not want to prolong the talk and goes. Veera cries seeing him leave.

Its night, Veera serves dinner to everyone. Balwant asks her is everything fine, did she talk to Ranvi. Baldev looks at her. Manjeet says she wanted to have mangoes. Bansuri says mangoes come from bahu’s maayka, I was expecting it, but we did not get it. She says Ranvi is busy in finding guy for Geet, he could have sent mangoes for Veera. Balwant says stop it, Veera is my daughter, I will get mangoes. Baldev says no will get mangoes, have food.

Geet calls Ranvi to meet and goes to him. He asks why did she call him. She apologizes to him and says I should have not called you, but when Veera… He asks what happened. She says even I don’t know, but she is sad, I know I m the reason. She frees him to be responsible for Deepu. He says I want Deepu to be happy, I worry for her future. She says I know, but I was wrong, I m her mum and I have to think about her, if any man deserves to be her dad, I have to see this.

He says if I worry for Deepu, do I have to hear everyone. She says no, just worry for your wife. She says wife is wife and the relation is imp, no one can take a wife’s place, wife deserves husband’s love, I m with Deepu but Gunjan has just you, I know till your relation does not get fine, you and Veera will not talk till this goes on, I don’t want this.

He apologizes to her and she asks him not to say this, she got strength by him and Veera. She explains him not to worry about Deepu and care for Gunjan. She leaves. Ranvi comes home and sees Gunjan crying. She starts leaving. He holds her hand. She says nothing will be fine. He stops her and says you stay here, I will go out. He goes out and talks to her via window. He explains her that he loves her and gifts her. He says he has right on her and tries convincing her. He thanks Lord that he gave him the one he loved the most, my Gunjan. He says I know you are annoyed, and its justified, I did mistake that I was not with you when you needed me, but you were always with me, you washed utensils for me in hotel, I remember everything, I m here because of you.

He asks can’t she give him one chance, and promises he will make everything fine. She asks him to trust him and open the door, come to him. He waits and she opens the door. She comes to him and hugs him. O rabba………..plays………….. He kisses her and lifts her. He takes her to the room and gets closer to her.

Veera prays to Lord that Geet gets a good groom, who has no objection to marry her. A man comes there and prays in Gurudwara.

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