Veera 11th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 11th February 2013 Written Episode, Veera 11th February 2013 Written Update

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Nihaal is with Ranvi. He tells that Veera didn’t fear being alone in the room but got scared as he was not with her. Nihaal says Veera believes that if Ranvi is with her then no harm can be done as he is not only her brother but also mother and everything. Ranvi feels its his mistake as he couldn’t take care of Veera. Nihaal asks Ranvi not to loose hope and have confidence in himself to retrieve Veera back to normal. He requests Ranvi to understand that Veera will come out of this trauma only when he is there besides her. Ranvi imitates Sampooran’s way of handling the mustache and Nihaal does it too. Title song plays in the background.

A few villagers are gathered in the kids room. Veera is tightly hugging Chaiji with her eyes closed. A lady tells other

ladies that Ratan would have sensed that Veera is in trouble if she had been her own. They feel that anyone will get attached even to enemy if they stayed together for five long years but Ratan failed.

Nihaal and Ranvi enter the room. Ranvi wipes his tears and starts a conversation with Veera. He tells Chaiji that Veera had made Chaiji loose her bet. Ranvi says that Veera learnt to write ‘veerji ‘ and he saw it in the school wall. Chaiji fakes and tells that Veera cant do anything ( to make her do something). She asks Veera to write it and prove that she is wrong. Ranvi brings pen and note but Veera doesn’t respond. Chaiji says why Veera had taught Ranvi to lie. Nihaal supports Ranvi saying that he also saw her writing on the wall. Ranvi pleads her to write but she hugs him and cries badly (as she gets flashbacks of what happened when she showed ‘Veerji’ written on the wall to teacher). Chaiji curses the teacher for making their daughter suffer like this.

Sarpanch and teacher enter the room. Ratan looks at Kulbeer angrily. She drags her out and all follow her. Kulbeer says sorry as she forgot to unlock the store room. Ratan yells at her as how could she forget. She shouts that Kulbeer has been careless with a child inspite of being women. Ratan chides her for remembering it late after many hours. She lashes her for giving Veera such a kind of punishment even if its Veera’s mistake. Ratan holds Kulbeer responsible for Veera’s condition and asks if she left Veera there just to die. Kulbeer says sorry once again and wishes to say sorry to Veera also. Ratan tells that her sorry will not bring back Veera to normal as she is not even able to speak because of her. She says if something happens to Veera, Kulbeer will receive a punishment which she will remember for life time. Ratan asks her to get out as she is not ready to listen to any explanations f her. The men discuss and Sarpanch decides to call panchayat as the teacher should be punished.

Ranvi is with Veera. He explains her how a brave girl fought with all the ill-mannered guys. Chaiji silently asks Ranvi about Veera. She tells she had brought Vera’s favourite aloo paratha along with butter. Chaiji asks Veera to get up fast and have food. Veera doesn’t respond so tears roll down Ranvi’s eyes. Chaiji signals him to wipe it and do something. She checks and says that Veera’s tummy is empty as she didn’t have food. Ranvi tells that he will feed Veera as she wont refuse to him for anything. He picks a bite of paratha and takes it near her mouth. Veera opens her mouth to have food only after his insistence. She chokes and spits the food. Chaiji and Ranvi give her water to drink. Veera once again hugs Ranvi and cries badly.

Ratan asks Veera to have dahliya. Veera looks her her. Ratan then says ‘Have the food puthar’. Veera eats from Ratan’s hands.

Update Credit to: seelaks

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