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Veera 11th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baldev coming to room and looking for Veera. He sees her sleeping on the chair. He keeps a pillow under her head. Its morning, Bansuri tells Balwant that Baldev has gone to talk to villagers and see their problems. Balwant says he did good, if he does this, he will become good sarpanch. He says but Veera thought about it first. Bansuri says what will she manage pind. He says you have food and leaves annoyed. Baldev talks to people and saying about the new techniques we will get in pind.

Veera looks on as Baldev tells about importance of mall. Veera says education is imp and they can get good jobs with respect and money. Both of them say their points. He tells about selling land to big builders. She says our land is like our mum, how can we sell it, we can give love to it

and get more benefits, we can do agriculture, if we sell land, there will be nothing left. She says there will not be any good job without education. Baldev comes to her and says he is grown up here and knows the pind well. She says even I m grown up here, I went out to get good education to benefit the pind. He says fine, lets ask the villagers.

Grewal tells Ranvi that his song has gone viral, and now he has to perform live tomorrow. Ranvi and Gunjan get glad. A man comes there and guards stop him. Ranvi and Gunjan leave. Jaggi and Billa tease Veera and Baldev by asking him love tips. The villagers laugh. Baldev says talk to that girl, if she says yes, then fine else you will get anyone else. Veera says prove your true love and the girl will come to you. A lady asks about controlling her mum in law.

Baldev asks her to control her husband. Veera says no, you should not make a son against his mum, if you tell her anything, do your duties first and ask your mum in law her value, respect her and she will stop taunting you. The lady says she said right, my vote will go to you. A man says when I come home drunk at night, my wife beats me, tell me what to do. A lady says how to lose weight. Baldev asks them don’t they have any question for pind progress.

The man asks them to say whats in pind’s bad and good, they know if they unite, then can take pind to much height. They all clap. Veera smiles and looks at Baldev. They come back home. Veera argues with Baldev as he has torn the honeymoon tickets. He asks her to be at home and not stand against him. She gets annoyed and leaves. He says I could not won this elections easily, but she made it hard for me. He gets angry.

Veera meets some people to discuss their ideas and expectations. The lady says we will talk later. Baldev asks people to come his home to know the mall plan. The man asks him to go home, as everyone is busy today. Veera and Baldev think whats the matter. The man says its Baisaikhi time, and everyone is busy. She thinks to find some way to make them listen to her. Veera talks to a lady and helps her in work, also sharing her ideas with them. Baldev thinks he can’t discuss with anyone today.

Kohli calls Oberoi and says Baldev is not able to do anything. Oberoi says Baldev should win at any cost, do anything to make him win. The ladies are glad with Veera. Kohli tells Baldev about Veera doing campaigning along with Baisakhi arrangements and asks him to take any big step in making villagers on his side. Gunjan gets a list and she compliments Gunjan for her good looks. Ratan teases Ranvi saying he has to work hard to look good, as Gunjan is very beautiful. They laugh.

Ranvi gets Tarun’s call. Tarun says his song is very hit. Ranvi asks did he like it. Tarun says a lot and asks for his help. He says he is making documentary on Punjabi songs, and asks for help for locations. Ranvi says fine, I will tell you soon. The panchayat calls everyone. Baldev asks Billa to just focus on how to win the elections. The panchayat says there won’t be Baisakhi fair this time. Baldev says the function will be celebrated, it unites the pind, and don’t worry about money, I will manage it. Veera is shocked.

Ranvi is questioned by the media about the lyrics theft and he is silent.

Update Credit to: Amena

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