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The Episode starts with the goons teasing Veera. Simran asks Baldev to go back to Veera and leave his anger. He is surprised and asks how can she tell this, when their mums are talking about their relation. She says yes, I know you love him, I don’t want you to regret that you did not try to get back Veera in your life. Balddev gets impressed by her. Amrit and Bansuri looks on. Simran asks him to get back Veera if she deserves, else forget her forever. Baldev nods yes and leaves. The goons tease Veera. Veera says let me go and cries. Rajveer comes there and beats them for eve teasing. Rajveer sees Veera crying and the goons run. He says its ok, nothing will happen to you, I m here, come.

He says I got a call that few men are teasing a girl, so I came. She hugs him and cries. Baldev comes there

and sees Veera and Rajveer hugging. Rajveer says I will always be with you. Baldev gets angry. Bansuri scolds Simran for ruining her plan, she will not make Veera her bahu. Simran asks her to be patient. She says just see the result of what I have done. Baldev comes home angrily and says he is ready to marry. He says make me marry at the earliest, with whoever you like. They smile. Bansuri asks are you saying it true. Baldev says why will I lie, make me marry anyone you want. Bansuri says you gave me much happiness.

Baldev says its enough now and leaves. Bansuri says she is very happy, everything is being good since she came in this house. She hugs her and Amrit. Amrit thinks Bansuri is doing like they wanted. Bansuri asks Simran what did she do that Baldev hates Veera more. She thinks in FB of calling few goons and then sending Rajveer. Rajveer says he will drop her home. Veera says I m fine, don’t come to drop you, else everyone will know this, I will go alone.

She slips and he holds her. She smiles and says you saved me second time. She says she used to have pepper spray in Delhi and asks him to find out about the three goons, they should get jail. Rajveer says don’t worry, its my responsibility that it does not happen again, take care. She leaves. Gunjan talks to the jewelry and takes more loan on high interest. Gunjan signs and takes more money. Veera and Baldev think about each other. Mahiya………..plays…………..

Simran asks Baldev will he think about Veera after saying yes to her. He says no. She says she liked him always, and did not wish to come in his life, but now when Veera is not in his life, she got the right to love him. She holds his hand. She says I m sure you won’t cheat me.

Veera tells Chai ji that she is starting again, and writes Veera and Baldev on the wheat. Chai ji says she does not understand. Veera says she is charged up to apologize to Baldev. Chai ji says its tough. Veera says do you doubt me. Chai ji says no, but Baldev is adamant, Ratan called him and he did not take the call. Veera says love heals every wound. I will show by passing. Chai ji blesses her. Veera says thanks, I will leave now. Chai ji asks what will she do now. She says she will go to meet him through the window like he used to do. Chaiji calls her monkey. Veera laughs and hugs her. She says I m fine, don’t worry. Chai ji says take care. Veera leaves.

Bansuri and Amrit talk to pandit and ask him to take mahurat in one week. He asks for the kundlis and he will give a proper date. She gives him and he leaves. Amrit says how will we prepare in one week. Bansuri says I m here, I will manage everything, I m worried that Baldev should not change his mind. Amrit says she is glad that Simran is becoming Bansuri’s bahu. She says many things to do and invite guests. She says lets go and invite Ratan and her family first. Balwant talks to Baaldve about his saying yes for marriage, did he say by his wish or did she force him.

Baldev says no, I said yes by my wish. Balwant smiles and says I should be happy that I m getting a bahu, I like Simran, she is really nice, she cooks well, educated, respects elder, what else we want, but its your marriage, and you know why is husband and wife called life partners. He shows his and Bansuri’s pics of 25 years, memories and how they have been together, when I married her, I was sure about it, are you also sure about Simran. Baldev thinks.

Veera says she got Baldev’s fav sweets. She asks Ratan why did she get sweets. Ratan says Bansuri got it, as Baldev is getting married. Veera is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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