Veera 10th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Veera 10th May 2013 Written Episode, Veera 10th May 2013 Written Update

Baldev instigates and asks Ranvi to assure that he will meet him at 10 pm behind his house to tamper the answer sheets.

Balwant (I have a name confusion – Its Baldev’s father – Am I right ?) is discussing about the project when he receives a call informing about his maasi’s son’s accident. He wants Nihaal to look after and also feels good that he is helping Ratan in fields. Kartar is not satisfied to hear it.

Balwant notices Baldev coming along with Ranvi. He is happy that his son will get good qualities of Ranvi by being his friend. A village man also praises Ranvi for being ‘Chandan (Sandal)’ and is sure that Baldev will also become like Ranvi. Kartar calls Ranvi just to tell before Nihaal that chole that Ratan made specially for him was good.


is searching for her phone. She just playfully pushes Veera here and there to search her phone. Ranvi comes home. Chaiji asks about her phone but he says he didnt see it. Ranvi quietly goes upstairs. Chaiji calls him a liar but Veera defends her Veerji. Finally she accepts to Veera that Ranvi wont do anything wrong. Ranvi cries hearing their chat. Ratan notices Ranvi being upset on some matter.

Baldev is on phone with one of his friends. He talks about how Ranvi will be changing their marks too and caught. Gunjan just hears that Ranvi will be the one to get punishment. She asks Baldev but he cleverly puts blame on her. Their mother scolds Gunjan for thinking bad about her laadla.

Ranvi gets a dream where everyone in the class gets good marks but he is the only one to fail repeatedly. He is being pushed out of school and the teacher asks Ranvi not to waste his mother’s money. Baldev and his friends say that he should have followed their way to pass the exam and makes fun of Veera who comes there. Ranvi wakes up and its his dream. He says he cannot see Veera and his beeji’s head bowing down because of his failure.

Nihaal refuses to have chole saying he prefers kadi. Ratan tells Chaiji not to force him. Nihaal asks Ranvi as why he is quiet today and is not speaking properly. Ratan tells him that Ranvi is worried about his studies and results. She asks him not to worry as Saraswati mata will be always with him if he does hard work. Veera also boasts that she has promised to her Veerji that she will get medal. Chaiji tells her that she will surely get as she came to this world only after knowing everything.

Ranvi asks for permission from Ratan to leave to Gunjan’s house for completing something. Veera wants to accompany him. Chaiji asks her to complete her dinner first. Veera pretends to be full but Ranvi says he needs to go alone and will be back soon. He asks Chaiji why is she forcing him to take Veera also. Ratan asks him to stop but Nihaal signals her not to say anything. Chaiji says its not a matter and tells him to go for studies.Ratan stops him and asks whether he is sure that he is going to study. Ranvi gets scared. But Ratan just asks him to take his books along with him.

Nihaal asks Ratan not to worry as in this age children prefer group study. Chaiji supports Nihaal’s words as she has never seen Ranvi concentrating in studies to this extent. She notices that Ranvi hasnt gone yet. Chaiji asks him to go and come back soon. Ratan blesses him and Veera mimics their father’s action. Chaiji tells him not to be worried. Title song in BG.

Precap Ranvi is still hesitating to tamper the answer sheets. Baldev asks him not to get worried and do as he says else his Beeji and Veera will be ashamed before the entire village. Baldev tells Ranvi that he is passing exams every time like this only and assures that no one will catch him.

Update Credit to: seelaks

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